Saturday, March 9, 2019

Atlantis Amulet

New from Brane-Power this month, the  

Atlantis Amulet

Whether you would like to reconnect with this section of our world's past or one of the actual past YOUs and your  skills and knowledge during the long ago times of the Atlantean settlements and later worldwide empire, this Crystal Quantum Radio amulet is specifically made to aid in that re-connection, past life recall and clairvoyance.
Other qualities enhanced by this amulet are clarity, balance, remote viewing, protection, confidenc and time travel. "Brilliant thoughts come to those who are inspired by Higher Intelligences."
Check it out at Brane-Power and as usual, there is an time limited introductory offer. The circuit is available in a sterling silver  bezel as well as an acrylic capsule. Shown here  is the heavy handmade woven rope sterling silver bezel. The added boost from the Induction Ring of the sterling model makes it the prime choice, but they both work.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Overthruster - Super Beacon add on

The Oscillator-Overthruster, also called Overthruster for short, is a Super Beacon Add-on.
Plugging in the Overthruster allows for hands-free Super Beacon use.

The Overthruster gets plugged into the FRONT of the Super Beacon, after the grippers have been unplugged. Once plugged in,  it just works for you because of its inbuilt vibrating membrane that allows for hands-free Super Beacon use, such as running urthgame orbs, do yoga, paint or mediate. It also protects your home and tracks you away from home.
Don't ask me to explain the quantumized effect of this nifty device, I think it is pretty neat that because of that vibrating membrane I get to have my hands free and still be connected to the primordial vibrations that are still present in the universe.

The standard Super Beacon inductions are still run with you holding the grippers plugged into the device.

The Overthruster is not new, came out last year along with the Pineal Pinger Super Beacon Add-on, just getting around to writing it up now.

Check with the folks at Brane-Power about cost and availability.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

American Book of the Dead Power Reader - CQR Amulet

hello everyone - Alerting to  a new CQR (Crystal Quantum Radio) from Brane-Power: available in January 2019 - the ABD Power Reader Amulet. The What? The American Book of the Dead (ABD) Power Reader Amulet.

This amulet is intended to be used when doing readings from the ABD (American Book of the Dead) for a voyager/soul traveling through the bardos.

Here are the major attributes that are facilitated using this amulet:

Disposition of service.
Readings are done for another with an attitude of profound service.

Coming from a place of Divine Love
Readings are done from a place of deep open hearted caring and unconditional love.

Intense focus and clarity during the reading to the exclusion of anything else.

Total openness to perception and presence-connection with the voyager in any chamber they are in.

These qualities do, as a side effect, lead to a decrease in fear on part of the reader.
While this amulet is intended to be used while reading for another from the ABD, you can use it with any readings or urthgame orbs or prayers you feel inspired to wear it with or have it present.
As you may have already experienced, ultimately, the readings do affect you as the voyager yourself.

If you have read the Amercian Book of the Dead (ABD) and have read to a voyager, you won't need much of an explanation. For others, it will be useful to check out this site The Clear Light as it explains what reading in this context means. Doing readings is like praying for  someone. If this touches you, the ABD is available on amazon and gatewaysbooksandtapes.
Preorders accepted now at a special discount, check it out at brane-power contact 
say you came over from beaconwork.
Just be aware, this amulet will not be available till January 2019.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Lucky Ammy - Crystal Quantum Amulet from Brane-Power

Lucky Ammy  -  CQR Amulet from Brane Power

This Lucky Ammy from Brane-Power actually came out in July 2018, thought I'd say more about it finally, now that I am getting back to this blog.

Have you ever read about super successful people and their answer: how did it happen? Yes, they worked hard, and they did everything they could, they helld the intention, didn't give up, didn't mind the failures, of the things they often say is: and I was lucky!!!!

Ok then, time to get lucky!  The Crystal Quantum Radio Lucky Amulet, actually, E.J. called it the "Lucky Ammy" evokes the circumstances helping the cause, the best path, the way to success and - are you ready ? -  it  helps opening your eyes to see the opportunities showing up in your life, relaxing the nerves to be able to move from fear to openness to new possibilities, being willing to go with the flow and say YES to actually following your intuition.
It is one thing for the circumstances of your luck to show up in your life, it is another for you to see recognize and act on them, to take a chance.

May luck be with you. And oh, give it chance, will ya, give it a few weeks. You owe it to yourself to try this technology. This is true for any of the amulets, even though some folks get immediate results, as in days. For most people, 4 weeks is long enough to settle in and notice. Give it a few weeks because actually giving it a year is too much for most people this day and age ;)

Monday, December 3, 2018

Guardian Angel Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet - Brane-Power

New from Brane-Power

Guardian Angel Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet

It has been a little while since I last posted. There have been 2 new Brane-Power amulets so far this year:  The Coin Hunter  in May and the Lucky Amulet, July 2018.
The Guardian Angel CQR Amulet is new in December 2018, here is the preview:

The Guardian Angel Amulet connects you with your guardian angel, or, more correctly, guardian angels, as there is usually more than one guardian angel who has been with you since you were a soul before coming to earth.

Guardian angels accompany human beings throughout their lifetime. They are with you not only for protection, but also guidance in all areas of life. They know you  in your purest form, they know your soul's mission and accompany you on your earthly journey always ready to assist you, never forcing you in any way.

Do you wish a closer connection with your guardian angels, call on them and their help? If you long for or are ready to accept the guidance of your guardian angels, willing to trust them and live with a deeper connection to them, this amulet is for you. Angels will let you know their guidance directly, through automatic writing, coincidences and also sometimes leave little signs, like unexpected feathers, cloud formations, songs and, some say, rose petals.

You might ask - how can the same amulet connect with all these different guardian angels? That is because the amulet pings guardian angels in general  but combined with the energy signature of your soul, the soul of the wearer of the amulet that is. And there is no other soul exactly like it. Wearing this amulets signals to them: hey, I am ready, help me, guide me, I am listening.

If you want to give your amulet to someone else after you wore it for some time, it would be best to energetically clean it  first. You can do this by taking some Epsom Salts and putting the amulet on it and placing it in the sun for a few hours. This will cleanse your (or someone else's) energy signature from it.

The amulet will be available soon from brane-power and, they always have introduction specials!

You can ask them about the Guardian Angel amulet using the  Brane-Power's contact form.