Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Warrier Amulet

New from Brane-Power August 2019.
Just letting your know about a custom amulet from Brane-Power that might be of interest to a lot of people, as divinely aligned, competent action is a much needed quality in the world today. This is not only useful to those working in the Toltec tradition, but also all of those who see with horror what is happening today in the world and feel more or less paralyzed and hopeless.
The Warrior Amulet

This  is a custom amulet especially created for those working in the  Toltec tradition.   The Toltec Warrior must balance their 3 core Natures: The Dreamer, the Stalker, and the Warrior. This amulet is to upgrade the skill as a Warrior.  This is the Mind of the Warrior, the ability to prepare for, then take, appropriate action at the appropriate time, including combat on the Higher Planes.
In non Toltec ways it roughly corresponds to  the ability of true authentic agency to be and act in this reality and the unseen world. For this,  all 3 aspects within Self need to be developed, the mind, the heart and will, in the ground of spirit, or essence.
Main attributes of this amulet include: Action, Balance, Compassion, Concentration, Integrity, Intention, Knowledge, Magic, Presence, Strength, Divine Will and Wisdom.

Since it is a custom amulet, please contact Brane-Power for availability.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

The God Particle

The God Particle 

A creation in service - fresh off the press  in May 2019 by E.J. Gold, creator of the CQR Crystal Quantum Radio  devices.

The following are my notes from the Memorial Day Workshop, Saturday morning, May 25 2019

The God Particle is totally in line with Beaconwork's intention, so I have included it here.

photo by Alka

It is a pendant. It uses hyper-space.

The God particle is the contact device (not the actual merc - merc = as a mercenary - merc - to aide you on your journey...referring to the Diablo 2 work)

The cube:  in there .... you can't communicate with anything except yourself, the environment is also you and everything else - extreme alone-ness
(reaction to being alone is -  a   human reaction to a god state - statement repeated from below)

Right next to it, a hair's breath away, is Norton Street
See you at the top, refers to Norton Str33t.

Bolt of ....the  creative - maintaining - destroy - they work with each other

In Norton Str33t, you will find a dramatization, a triad - 3 great laws...give them a face and an apartment, the interaction of those 3 forces is what happens. The result of that is what you call creation, the universe, reality

Creator, maintainer and destroyer.

Is is no different than a computer turning on.

Was it there?..yes, but not energized.

The cube initialized reality, it sets all the parameters. It is all of the compile functions you call the big bang.

It layers it out in vibrations, in vibrational times.

This creates the matrix you call quantum world.

Norton Str33t ...3 characters...act out the forces.

It is a performance of a particular set of actions.

Don't get panicky, it happens over and over again.

Hey, we are beginning to play again.
You are here to do this play.

Norton Str33t is not the highest, it is the top of the creation cycle...right next door to it is the highest
 907 am (check archive, note to self)
Norton Str33t - is one step away from the Clear Light.
Norton Str33t - You can be detected there.

You have an illusion of identity...that illusion has to go.

Get over yourself...transcend thyself, literally, get over your self.

Learn how to work with the God-particle.

Very versatile, but know how to work with it.

Put the USB into your PC or laptop

Wear it
You touch it ..and it works, it activates
How long is it good for 20 minutes to a couple of hours. Sometimes the effect just varies.

Feel uncertainty? Touch it....that in itself is an act, triggers an act of self remembering if that is what you attach to it.

But who are you?

Are you a worker of the work, in this incarnation, to accomplish a mission in this work, you can find yourself in knowing that?

I am a worker, i have a job to do

Master the skills in order to do that job, you don't have time to doodle around
Sense of community will be and should be with those similarly engaged with this life, not merely to enjoy it.

You can be in a very good position and still never achieve a real sense of happiness, or you can be accomplishing your mission, and be happy, no matter what condition you are in.

Just like in D2, go though your game with an ally and a merc....

As you go into the main orb...variety of things you can do in the overworld and in the subworld.

when you are wearing the god particle, your merc is invoked...touch that does not work, hold it for a little while

If that still does not work, say Om mani pad me hum. Then go about your business.

You don't need to pay for your merc's resurrection.

You DO need to level up your merc, every hour you wear level the merc.

Depression, feeling low,  etc are deflected onto the merc - they, the mercs,  are also immune to certain things.

Your merc can really take it, it can be a tank. When you first put it on, some of you will have a fabulous and powerful merc...
(not the actual merc - merc = as a mercenary - merc - to aide you on your journey...referring to the Diablo 2 work) 

You get results right of the bat.

Power points expressed as locations

Reaction to being alone is -  a   human reaction to a god state!

You die...what is left is your true self - quiet peaceful.
Cosmic consciousness is not something to achieve in order to escape, not a place to run and hide -
you are out there more than you ever where.

So when you wear the God Particle, it does everything.

If you want to accentuate something...go in and then exit
Learn how to turn on various parts of the God Particle.

Join our safaris...learn how to use your merc, how to employ it.

It translates your feelings into specifics, it is a translator from emotion into logic.
Similar to taking chemical transfer into electrical...and vice versa, such as the messenger in the organic bodies.

There are several destinations inside the God Particle.....when you invoke the various areas, inside the gemini, if you stand in this place...something will another location, something entirely different will happen,  like poster room for extension with physical eyes, for ghost hunting...charge it up there.
Give yourself some time to learn it.

Or just wear is in there already.

There will be nothing in there, the God Particle -  you can't handle.

You survive better in the Trump world
Added to your own necessity is the necessity of others.

The God particle:

Use it right away, put it on a chain and wear it - over throat chakra or heart chakra. Hang it on the chain and wear it, nothing to know and do,
Later you may want to actually learn how to use it, how to employ your merc.

A little better - prompt it by touching it.

A little further...learn to point it - go into the internal space and then go out to enact  something.

What are your options? some of your options:

Going in and popping out...not ever expect you to do it every day

There will be a playable version.

NO - do NOT alter the software in will water it down or render it completely useless.
It's really not even meant to be played.
You do NOT want to add or substract...very carefully balanced. You don't know what the forces are and you can unbalance it.

Nothing is forever, it is just a game.
On the other hand, it all matters, because it is a game.
Treat everything around you with honor and respect
The game was not created for your personal benefit.
The greatest satisfaction, greatest joy when you leave this life - is having helped someone, brought somehow a little cirle of light around yourself,  Raising consciousness.

God particle is not the only way you can participate.

Take some action.

Quantum Magic Videos

Want to do some healing, special needs, spiritual guidance after death?

Run can a Quantum Magic Video, for yourself or another.

Go to youtube channel: Quantum Magic Videos
Play, say, the video of the  Influence Orb, meant to eliminate past Life Pain Influences.

When you hear the instruction or  invocation in it, you repeat it, you own it
It works like affirmation.
You can change what you hear to I, but it is ok if you forget and simply repeat it.

There are orbs you can play after you have installed them or your computer, but sometimes you only have your phone, and you just play the video.

You can also run it for friends and family that might need help.
Because you can't enter names on the videos (as in the orbs), when we run for someone else, do you just say the person's name before hitting 'play'?
Before you play the video, say: "This run is addressed to the being of......."

Once you finish the run: "This completes the run of 'name of video' addressed to the being of....."

If you feel you could have done better, you can repeat it.
One single video equals one run.
You can run for an entire group of people also.

Before you play the video for the benefit of another who you have not had the opportunity to have given permission or asked for it: , say: "This run is addressed to the being of -  'name here'...
Or say: "This is for the benefit of -  'name here'.
But you are always granting full authority of whether the being accepts or rejects or takes the energy of that reading to store for a different purpose.
Ideally you have the permission, but you can always offer energy of the run, like a prayer.

Once you finish the run: "This completes the run of 'name of video' addressed to the being of....."

One of the most powerful things you can do for a being is: recognize and respect.

There is a 3 week course to get you started as a runner.

Estas son las frases que utilizas antes y despues de hacer el recorrido de los videos: 
Antes de comenzar: El recorrido de este video esta dirigido al beneficio del ser de  "nombe aqui".........
Al terminar el recorrido: Esto completa el recorrido del video ...........(nombre del video) dirigido al beneficio delser..........

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Influence Amulet and Pendent

New in Spring of 2019 from Brane-Power is the PLP Influence Amulet. 
Watch for the 10th Brane-Power Anniversary Sale for this one.

What does PLP stand for? PLP = Past Life Pain.

Wear this to ward off unwanted influences from past lives.  In order for your optimal functioning, you don't need to rerun old patterns, or trigger associations from other lifetimes. For example,  a stubbed toe can simply mean a stubbed toe, without conjuring up every injury you ever had to your foot while being incarnate throughout the millennia. If you long for clarity, ease, freedom, flow and creative expression free from negative influences of other lifetimes, consider the PLP Influence Amulet.

It is the fortifier to be used with the Influence Deck and Inflenc3Extreme Orb. It is a more ceremonial, intentional action were you get much more specific on which particular lifetime influence to clear.

We all exist in multiple dimensions. Multiple (past) lives on this planet  have left an influence, an imprint on your very soul, often leading to similar circumstances or re-injury in this lifetime. Epigenetics is finally finding scientific evidence how what happened to our ancestors is expressed in our genes. Through quantum physics we begin to understand that we are all connected to everything else.
Clearing on the highest level is one of the best ways to handle this influences.

"Past Life Hooks are like barnacles — they stick to you no matter where you go, and they can influence you greatly, and affect your day with needless misery and suffering.
It’s simple to get out from under.
Just put on your ammy first thing in the morning, then fire up your laptop or desktop PC, perform a standard 10-card layout of the INFLUENCE DECK, and run the Orb indicated by the “Final Outcome” card — it’ll take ten minutes, tops.
The rest of the day, you’re free from Past Life Influence.
Without those additional burdens and dragging effects coming to you from your past encounters, your day will go a whole lot better.
As you run the Orbs, there are powerups and all sorts of magical benefits that stack up and add to your willpower, your charisma and your ability to handle stress". (from a blog by E.J Gold)

If you would like to find out more about how to work with the Influence Deck and Influence Urthgame Orb, check out these posts - Running out a Hot Orb, Save 20 years of struggle,
Make things go right with Quantum magic

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Lemuria - Amulet from Brane-Power

Lemuria Amulet

The Lemuria Amulet is a connection device to  Lemuria in its original intention and form, a world profoundly connected to  divine intention, a world of paradise.

The manifested values include being and living in harmony with the earth and her life forms, which includes not only animals and plants, but also waters and mountains - the entire natural world, just barely manifested into the physical out of the divine vibration. 

Love, arts, telepathy, pure-heartedness, clarity, sincerity and hospitality are some of the core values and abilities embodied individually and as a society.

Communication was possible not just among Lemurians, but all living creatures because of the connection with the higher levels of being.  Still in touch with the highest vibrational level of energy, manifestation of those values in body, mind and environment was possible. Manifestation happened on all levels of the field and almost as if by magic.

Though a now long lost world,  its blueprint  not only lives on in the Akashic record, but also still lives in the DNA of those who are descendants of those who lived in Lemuria. 

This Brane-Power amulet serves as a reminder, an energetic beacon to Lemuria and helps you reconnect on a deep level with that world and find the strength and intention to embody it today.
You have seen, felt and lived through the brute destructive forces, which are no longer unfamiliar to you.  Having gained experience in dealing with those dark forces, the time to embody those of Lemuria has come again.

For more information, contact Brane-Power about the Lemuria Amulet

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Atlantis Amulet

New from Brane-Power this month, the  

Atlantis Amulet

Whether you would like to reconnect with this section of our world's past or one of the actual past YOUs and your  skills and knowledge during the long ago times of the Atlantean settlements and later worldwide empire, this Crystal Quantum Radio amulet is specifically made to aid in that re-connection, past life recall and clairvoyance.
Other qualities enhanced by this amulet are clarity, balance, remote viewing, protection, confidenc and time travel. "Brilliant thoughts come to those who are inspired by Higher Intelligences."
Check it out at Brane-Power and as usual, there is an time limited introductory offer. The circuit is available in a sterling silver  bezel as well as an acrylic capsule. Shown here  is the heavy handmade woven rope sterling silver bezel. The added boost from the Induction Ring of the sterling model makes it the prime choice, but they both work.