Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zen Flute and BeaconWork - a connection

This is from an early communication not too long after E.J. Gold started using the recorders as  zen flutes.

"I can now see several values to the recorder if played as a Zen Flute:

1. It helps to naturally condition and train the breath in a relatively safe way, as compared to the stringent breath training practices of certain types of spiritual practices, without the need for continual supervision.
2. The Zen Flute has a profound transportative effect on both the player and listener alike.
3. The Zen Flute can be used to demonstrate the direct personal effect of PuPs, which is the almost instant mastery of the instrument provided by contact with the Parallel universe Personae who are able to play it through the player.
4. Zen Flute sounds are definitely a good source of spirit healing. Different woods produce different effects on a variety of physical, mental and emotional ills and may assist other healing methods such as allopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic, medicine wheel and acupuncture techniques.
5. The Zen Flute opens gateways to other dimensions and realities and makes possible a better connection to Parallel Worlds.
6. Integration and stabilization of Parallel universe Personae are definitely enabled by listening to and playing Zen Flute as a disciplined spiritual practice.
7. The Zen Flute is fun to play, and the music produced by it is quite enjoyable.
8. Hardwood Zen Flutes are profoundly better than plastic ones, although if plastic is all that’s available or affordable, they’ll do the job.
9. Zen Flute music opens the space and softens the membranes, making the Beacon Practices easier. It can be used while on the Beacon or while wearing one of the stronger amulets.
That’s my report so far. Stand by for more experiments and training techniques as they appear in the aethyrs!!!"

E.J. Gold

Monday, August 23, 2010

Is using the Beacon cheating?

Some folks have asked if it is legitimate, not cheating, using the beacon to access alternate realities, worlds, states and selves. While it is not like a drug where you have little choice once you ingested the substance as to something happening - it is still an artificial means by which to experience non-ordinary states and events.

A few thoughts on this:

1- if someone is so totally stuck in thinking and believing this here,  things human ordinary senses can see, hear and touch, is the only "real" reality or the only one they have access to, pretty much any means that work to help him/her get out out that conviction is valid, provided consent is given....but that is an aside.

2- I ask you then: what are means like these, if not aids to access altered states or tools used on the spiritual path: safu cushions, candles, scents, meditation  music, other types of music, books, hemi-sync, any therapy dealing with trans-personal, sex as yoga, listening to spiritual masters or mediums, prayer,practice of  gazing into a loved one's eyes for a long time, of tai chi or any energetics....and so on. ....are not then any and all tools used for the purpose of spiritual growth or awakening to be considered cheating?
Why would you get the idea that using quantum crystal radio devices is cheating - but all these other tools are not? Because they work and without much effort, other than to get yourself to use one of them, find yourself in deep relaxed states and altered perception and a changed life stream?

In this age of accelerated time and awakening as well as necessity for this planet, if we are to preserve this environment for humans to serve G-D,  for G-D to experience Self as human incarnation, you need things that work on a different level, and they are appearing for those who need them.

These Crystal radio devices do have 1 big advantage: you do not need functioning electricity  for it. Even if you want to listen to the induction and you ran out of batteries in a no electric available situation: someone can read them to you...and after a while you will won't need them at all.

To be in the world, but not of it - does not happen all by itself.

Your Being is meant to voyage throughout the labyrinth. Question is: how much can you hold and still function here?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beacon Training and other Beacon uses

There are many ways the Beacon can be used. Their main purpose is parallel world persona integration as well as training in voyaging. To start, we’ll simply give an overview list here:
  • Hold the gripper for a 3 minute stressbuster
  • Hold the gripper for relaxation as long as you like
  • Daily meditation practice with 10 minute cd
  • Daily meditation practice with 1 hour cd
  • Beacon Training Level 1 (30 PUP Inductions – Parallel World Persona connection and Integration)
  • Beacon Training Levels 2-11, 1 cd each
  • Advanced Beacon Training starting with Code 1 Daytripper excursions (32 total in code 1)
  • Use with the Zone Box inductions
  • Use Beacon as directed by higher guidance.
  • Spirit radio
  • Cleanser/charger
  • Deep Delta Dreamwalker
  • Dowsing 
BeaconWork's YouTube channel
Brane-Power on YouTube

Many interesting related videos

    Ways to Work with the Beacon

    There are many way the Beacon can be used. To start, we'll simply give an overview list here

    • Hold the gripper for a 3 minute stressbuster
    • Hold the gripper for relaxation as long as you like
    • Daily meditation practice with 10 minute cd
    • Daily meditation practice with 1 hour cd
    • Beacon Training Level 1 (30 PUP Inductions - Parallel World Persona connection and Integration)
    • Beacon Training Levels 2-11, 1 cd each
    • Advanced Beacon Training, starting with Code 1 Daytripper excursions (32 total in code 1)
    • Use with the Zone Box inductions
    • Use Beacon as directed by higher guidance.
    • Delta Dreamwalker
    • Charger/Cleanser
    • Dowsing
    Beacon and Super  Beacon are to be used as intended with the inductions provided and as suggested by the creator of the devices. It's use in conjunction with mind-altering devices available on the market is at your own risk.

    Alternate Dimensions and the Waking State

    Voyaging between Alternate Dimensions, or Parallel Worlds, is passive
    and requires no action of the individual; recognition of Voyaging is
    dependent upon Waking State levels of Attention in the Psychic-
    Intuitive State.

    The optimum level of existence of a Being is to be aware of one's
    continual shifting from dimension to dimension at intervals of
    several seconds to several hours.

    This Phase Shifting Effect which causes the Eternal Voyager to
    constantly and unendingly penetrate the Membranes (Branes) of an
    almost-infinite number of Bubble Domains can be easily seen when in
    the Theta State.

    This awareness can help the Being assimilate and transcend all
    organic experiences and phenomena, thus freeing the Being from
    attachment to the organic while remaining in a state of high cosmic
    attention and indifference to outcome or temporary condition.

    What that means is a way "Off the Wheel" while remaining within the
    boundaries of the Wheel, to be "in the world yet not of it", a
    desirable state for any Being, allowing one to operate within the
    sphere of world phenomena without being dependent upon phenomena.

    This process can be used to achieve the Walking Waking State, which
    is often referred to as "dying before you die".
    -- E.J. Gold

    Thursday, August 19, 2010

    Quantum Witch Amulet "The Quantum Happiness Amulet"

    This is a remarkable amulet. E.J. Gold says about this amulet, "It keeps you on the path." The Quantum Witch is one of the most powerful amulets to date. It connects with higher and the highest power and energies, and at the same time facilitates manifesting your highest self and being "on purpose" in your life. It also is a great facilitator of such qualities as compassion, creativity, communication, higher love, self-discipline, anger management, and self-help. It is one of the few amulets with happiness as an attribute. One could call it “The Quantum Happiness Amulet”, the only Quantum amulet so far with the designated attribute of happiness - to enable a powerful opening of the heart, the source of all true happiness. This amulet is about manifesting your true being-purpose and keeps you on the path. We also recommend it for anyone working with higher level Beacon Training.
    When E.J Gold talks about his course on Magic as a Way of Service, he says: "Along with the entertainment and Sense of Wonder values, you have the opportunity to expose your audience to the incredible effects of beta-blockers, just by wearing them. I prefer the Quantum Witch for this purpose, because it has the greatest "reach", about 16 meters, and has the most powerful environmental "circle of peace"
    Quantum Witch - a short clip from a presentation to visitors from India

    Quantum Witch at Yoyodyne

    Friday, August 13, 2010

    Beaconwork Experience - Shapeshifting Shaman and Green Potion

    As recounted by Dok: My first experience with the beacon was quite extraordinary, as recounted elsewhere, and while for some people it could be considered normal activity, it could definitely be considered paranormal activity, in any case it convinced me to continue with the training with intention. Subsequent encounters lead to a whole new world, possibilities or working with energy, healing, the auric field, reality perception and manifesting and portals into other realms.

    Here is my account of PUP number 6. It might help you understand why I am inspired to work with this amazing tool "BeaconWork".  .... almost like it's out of a video game

    Beacon PUP - shapeshifting shaman and green potion

    How I met my shape-shifting Shaman PUP

    Below is an entry from my beacon log.  As you may recall from an earlier blog, my first experience with the beacon came a bit as a surprise which made it easy for my mind to cooperate and work with it.

    On strap number 6, I met an extraordinary entity.  It's been amazing, and I have been in that world many times. I am keeping this pup somewhat separate from me in a certain access his knowing as well as other universe potions and treatments. They get applied to the higher bodies...and have an effect on the physical body here...and I can follow his instructions better than self imposed discipline.

    beacon strap #6 - C532q

    sat down and it took a while to settle, tired, various aches in body and some thinking relaxed fairly well, first image was that of an animal living in deep woods, about he size of an armadillo, could be a tasmanian wolf type too, showing i wonder how that is related to what i think of myself after the event with jewel in the kitchen there is a caveman type creature a bit later a similar delightful lightness as in the previous induction, the sense of it then another animal, i forgot which one..then an other creature i see out of it's eyes, feel very small, b danger of being crushed , one single cell organism, then an eagle...i have been that before, and remember that experience, then more shapeshifting kinds of senses and finally a shortish male, south american indian type body but hair is different, grayish, fuzzy, not thick black, he has some teeth missing, he is a shapeshifting shaman, he smiles at me because he tricked me..he is kind, he shifts into a figure taller and handsome, white, but features difficult to see, then back, then a woman appeared, others too not defined he gives me a potion to drink, dark green, it seems to be in a container the shape of a "reagenzglas" (like a lab tube, the one that is as thick as a good size finger?. noise and distraction is happening at that moment. i want to swallow what the shaman offered fast, no more time to explore. i swallow, don't taste anything but it does go down and i can feel it spreading energetically even as it goes down the esophagus. i trust him. he is a master shapeshifter, kind, smiles, knows how to keep a secret. i end early, after i swallow the fluid, and before the tape is done, because people coming. somewhere there he smiles a big smile, he is so kind. i KNOW i will have to visit him again.

    And I did, many many's been totally amazing.

    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    Black Diode Love Power - Double Whammy Ammy

    The Double Whammy Black Diode - Love Power Amulet

    Double Whammy Amulets, Custom CQR - Quantum Crystal Radios from Brane-Power, were developed inspired by a customer request. This one is the Double Whammy Black Diode - Love Power Amulet. If you would see this amulet in front of your eyes - you would agree that these pictures could not adequately show the beauty and majesty of it. They combine all the qualities of the Black Diode and Love Power amulets.

    Double Whammy Black Diode - Love Power Ammy - two in one, showing front and back of the amulet.

    CONTACT Brane-Power Yoyodyne Industries for a Double Whammy Ammy.

    Monday, August 9, 2010

    Double Whammy Amulets from Brane-Power

    BRANE POWER NEWS:  Introducing the  CQR Double Whammy Ammies

    Inspired by  the creation and release of a special custom amulet,  the  Double Whammy Sports Ammy, Brane-Power is introducing the Double Whammy Ammies Sunday, August 8, 2010.

    These Double Whammy Quantum Crystal Radio Amulets  are combining 2 circuits in 1 amulet.

    You will be able to combine certain Beta-Blocker Amulets into 1 Sterling Silver Bezel. All the amulets will use special crystals as well as carbon separators in a dollar size sterling silver bezel. Double up your favorite amulet circuits or  combine 2 different ones - circuits permitting that is. Check with us if the combination you'd like as a Double Whammy Ammy is available.

    The next 5  Double Whammy Ammy orders will qualify for a special introductory discount.
    Call Yoyodyne Industries at 530-271-2239 to qualify for this special offer, or use this CONTACT form.

    Wow! I am really excited about these Double Whammy Amulets..I couldn't decide whether
    to get a Black Diode or a Love Ammy because only want to wear one
    chain. Now I'll be able to be charged up with both of these
    ammies at the same time! Not to mention the fact that it will match
    twice as many outfits!

    B. Brice
    New York, NY

    The Double Whammy Sport Patch Ammy is available as a special offer here at Beaconwork.

    Double Whammy Sports Patch Ammy in Sterling Silver Bezel

    What is a CQR Brane-Power Custom Amulet?

    Double Whammy Sports Patch Ammy

    Up your Game - with the Double Whammy Sports Patch Amulet

    The Sports Patch gets you into THE ZONE with radiowave Beta-Blocking meditation power!
    Now, brand new available as a wearable amulet: The Double Whammy Sports Patch Ammy - in a sterling silver Morgan dollar size bezel.
    Front and Back View - connected Double Circuit in Sterling Silver Bezel

    Double Whammy 
    Sports Patch Ammy
    Special Introductory 
    Sale Price: $175.00
    Shipping: $5.00

    * Cart FAQ *

    "I am totally convinced that the sports patches do wonders. I stuck
    one under my yoga mat and I swear ever since my practice, in all
    respects, have gone to a level that I never even imagined was
    possible for me...I am going to try the Double Whammy Sports Patch
    Ammy...can't wait!"

    -- Dya DeviToronto, Canada

    "For where I am in my life, I really want to up my game, not just physically, but overall. This is the right amulet for me".
    -- C. Brinkhus, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    This Beta Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™ Amulet never needs batteries or recharging, this Quantum Device is powered directly by radio waves from outer space.
    E.J. Gold's Beta Blockers use vintage 1900s crystal radio technology to calm your busy brain and allow your natural spiritual, psychic and intuitive abilities to come through. Users report interesting results related to creativity, skills, prosperity, lucid dreaming, past lives recall, relationships, parallel worlds, harmony, relaxation, intelligence, memory, and more.

    GUARANTEE: All products are manufactured with a Full Money Back Guarantee. For full warranty information, see Legal Stuff.

    CONTACT Yoyodyne Industries contact form

    Saturday, August 7, 2010

    Advanced Beacon Training - Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions

    Brand new: Advanced Beacon Training is launched - are you ready?

    The Manual is back from the printer, and Your Parallel Worlds DayTripper excursions can begin! This is Beacon Level 12 - or The Advanced Beacon Training we have been waiting for. It is a very powerful training and a natural continuation of the preceding Beacon Training Practice. The daily start up procedure for the Parallel Worlds Daytripper Excursions  is short but extremely powerful.

    The Book Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions is the Manual and is a must for Advanced Beacon Training. It is the outline of the procedure and  gives very specific instructions. The training itself is free, except for a few required,  non-optional items, some of which are consumables, some one-time investments. E.J. Gold recommends you read the manual first before deciding to get the kit.
    The DayTripper Excursions are Advanced Beacon Training or Beacon training Level 12, to be done after you completed Beacon Levels 1 through 11.  Rather then developing the Advanced Training as a one on one Training for which you have to travel to California, E.J. Gold designed this training level so it can be done in your own home environment, which advantages explained in the book.
    If you have completed at least Beacon Level 8, CONTACT  Brane-Power or call   530-271-2239 for your Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions kit.
    Non-optional items for Code 1 Advanced Beacon Training are:

    The Manual: Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions

    Code 1 Advanced Beacon Training Essentials Kit
    • Code 1 Key Amuletic Badge
    • 32 Code 1 Infinity Wafers
    • Code 1 Magnetic Water
    • Inscribed Bamboo Stirring Rod
    • Laminated Crossover Card
    • Oil of Protection 
    • Infinity Wafer Charger
    An Infinity Wafer Charger,  like the Beacon or Super Beacon, a non-optional item for the Day Tripper Excursions. We are mentioning it here because it is not specifically included in the list you will find in the DayTripper Excursion book. In addition to the Infinity Charger
    • You will also need to keep a  journal of some kind, hand written or electronic, 
    • and a clear drinking glass  
    Code 1 Cleansing Fluid is to be used to prepare rod and cup for code 2. 
    There are a couple of optional items which we talk about when you are ready or after you read the manual.
    Please use this  CONTACT form to apply for the Advanced Beacon Training, or call 530-271-2239.

    Just to clarify it again:  Code 1 Advanced Beacon Training, also referred to as Beacon Level 12, will  require the use of a Beacon or Superbeacon.
    It supposes that you have done the Beacon Training Levels 1 (30 PUP inductions) and 2-11 and that you have access to on of the Beacon devices,  whether you own one or are using a friend's Beacon. So it is assumed that a Beacon or Superbeacon is available to you, because it will be needed.
    "With the BeaconWork at your back, you are now able to actually apply these basic principles learned in the induction state to the experiences that are in store for you."

    We recommend to get and read the book "Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions"  first and then decide if this is something you are inclined to or wish do do. You may ask for the manual  after completing level 8 of Beacon Training.
    If the answer is "yes" to Advanced Beacon Training, you send for the non-optional items needed for code 1 Advanced Level Beacon Training, in addition to, of course, a Beacon or Superbeacon.
    Cost for this Code 1 Advanced Beacon Training Essentials Kit is: $  - way less than you would think!

    If you have read the manual, you can only be turned on by this given any interest in such things as Parallel World explorations, voyaging,  perceiving and managing reality shifts, shapeshifting, subtle and not so subtle changes within you as well as your surroundings and macro dimensional perceptions.
    Life Stream changes don't just happen. They are made. If you remain as you have always been, you will surely reap what you have always gotten. Real change does not come from outside, but from within. The Advanced Training Course is designed to bring about change from within, which can result in powerful Life Stream change .... From the Introduction by E.J. Gold
    Who may get this the Advanced Beacon Training Manual?: anyone who has completed level 8 Beacon Training may request the training manual as well as the Code 1 Advanced Beacon Training Essential Kit.

    That's right, this is Advanced Beacon Training and you need to have completed the previous training levels.
    This is why there is no shopping cart on this page but a contact form and a phone number.
    CONTACT, or call 530-271-2239.