Saturday, September 20, 2014

True North - Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet from Brane-Power

Brane-Power's beautiful, new ( in September 2014) Crystal Quantum Radio (CQR) amulet is powerful. I have even heard it compared to the Quantum Witch with its vibration. Another name for it could be: Navigation Amulet - for its primary function as a navigation aid.

 "True North"- is a CQR amulet with the primary function to help with the skillful navigation into and within any new territory or circumstance. Whether it is a new or unfamiliar simple life situation, a major life change, a Being shift or level change on the path you are on,  this amulet is a guide, a beacon, a source of strength, intuition and surrender, a tool to reorient and recharge when lost or distracted. You might have heard how the North Star was used as the guiding light on the path to freedom - this amulet is constant reminder of your own True North, the guiding light that keeps you on track in uncharted waters.
You will notice that amulet circuit includes 2 special elements which add to its potency and guiding function.

Major attributes of this amulet include: Attention, awakening, communication, courage, essence, guide, humility, gratitude, transformation, truth, voyaging, strength, magic, manifesting, protection, divine intelligence, pure love and many more.

The amulet is a high level amulet - however, as always, contact Brane-Power soon and you will get the introductory special price :) - 1-530-271-2239
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