Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wormhole amulet

This is the Wormhole Amulet - which almost 3 years after conception is being made available this month. However - when the time comes - it's time.

E.J. Gold calls it "The Ass Kicker" - a wild and whacky amulet, your mule.
Wormhole CQR Amulet from Brane-Power
(can't see the clear crystal in there or the second capacitor, but I like the pic :)

This amulet facilitates travel into other spaces and dimension - sometimes quite suddenly so - which is why  the Beacon Training will come in handy. The amulet comes with 3 in-built crystals to aid with protection, clarity, intention and maintaining of your balance and of course the rope bezel induction ring.  It will work best in conjunction with Brane-Power's Beacon Training and Astral Travel Training - or other similar trainings elsewhere.

Some of the attributes of this amulet include:

All Encompassing, All One , Astral Projection, Consciousness , Death, Dissolution, Shapeshifting,
Voyaging, Courage, Inner Radiance

Working with the wormhole amulet can be a LOT of fun - if you are up for handling the space changes and related happenings :) - which may very well include significant and unexpected life changes.

For more information, please contact brane-power either through their contact page or call 530-271-2239.