Saturday, March 29, 2014

Healer Helper - quantum devices in energy work

Letting you know about the Healer Helper. I no longer have a healing practice, but can think of a number of reasons why this tool is very valuable if I did.

Of the listed points on how the  Healer Helper can be used, this is the one I like the best:

The increased level of participation and control of the client - gotta love that - as ultimately self responsibility is crucial in the healing process.

I am wondering also  how this might work for contact between parents and autistic children ....
...and as I think more about it - as a parent, this  might be very useful  with kids, not for healing - but a certain type of sensitivity training - kids holding the grippers might be something cool - working with a quantum device ...and then mindfulness, body, sensory awareness ...about energy coming in, thoughts and ideas, visions and such ...

Helper Helper - Crystal Quantum Device from Brane-Power, available on Yoyodyne Industries

Brane-Power contact form
or call: 530-271-2239 – leaving a message and including your phone number is totally ok, someone will call you back.
Yoyodyne contact form
A comment about this from D.F on facebook - Yes, it is a way in which a young person can begin to unfold the 'sensing' mechanism. Once established, then, they can begin to own it. it is a forerunner to watching the body move, sit, dance. I think it wold work, certainly on younger children, I am not sure as they age, many obstacles.

You can find out more here Healer Helper
or get it here.

Brane-Power and Urthgame Super Short Meditations - and effective

I am still amazed at the testimonials that keep coming in from amulets and Super-Beacons - and more recently also from the Orbs (on urthgame) - and heard E.J. Gold say something like this -> that he is surprised that we are amazed that this really works ..."like I would put something out that doesn't and then have to deal with mail (ie you) about THAT?"

I suppose the quantum world is still - not quite part of my integrated consciousness. There is simply a LOT of old school (ing) conditioning still there - PLUS the human-societal electromagnetic-psychic energy field.

Here is one (of many) testimonials I can totally relate to (and I in fact even prefer the shorter orbs :) -> "One of the things I love about the inductions is that they don't take a lot of time. A lot of technologies take about 45 minutes every day. These inductions are about 10 minutes and they are incredible".
-- Lisa, Reno, NV

The inductions are both for the Beacon/Super-Beacon parallel world persona work and other inductions, like jousting for inter-dimensional travel- as well as the Zone Box induction for more THIS world issues and goals.

That too goes for the orbs I run ...the fast ones ....I really need, for this time in my life...something that does NOT take a long time, I don't care how pretty it is, or how effective it WOULD be if i did it.
if you love video games (or at least are not opposed to using virtual reality  in such things like prayer and meditation) and also want to do some good for others, the world or yourself AND often only have like 1-5 minutes might want to check this out too. (link is to the urthgame page to the shorter versions)

very short insta -fix orbs - can be done in 60 seconds

my faves - Karma Burn and the  Clear Light orb   take about 1 minute to however many minutes you want ...

...holy cow ...where the hell is the Karma Burn orb on urthgame ...i can't find it - and I am not even making it up....geez....I wanted to add the link the Karma burn NOW as I am writing because who knows when i get back to my computer .....IT IS MY FAVORITE .....I LOVE the sound/chant on this and karma burn is ALWAYS good. Even our local dog trainer used it after her arm surgery from being attacked by dogs....and she isn't even "into" this ....

The Karma burn orb is supposedly somewhere on urthgame - though maybe you are meant to stumble-upon a different one. There is usually SOME reason you are behind a slow car 


Dokini BeaconWork

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Royal Flush - New in February 2014 - Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet from Brane-Power

The Royal Flush - CQR Amulet from Brane-Power
Give your System a Royal Flush - To get rid of unwanted things - such as unwanted memories of past boyfriends - but really, to flush the system of unwanted things - a general cleansing as it may be.
This is a very potent circuitry and if you want a new start in Life, clean and clear - a new beginning - keep what is useful and purge what is no longer wanted - this may be the amulet for you.
Main attributes include Clarity, Compassion, Energy, Freedom, Strength, Transformation, Letting Go, Courage, Wellness, Higher Intelligence and Relaxation.

Check it out at Brane-Power for more information or call them at 530-271-2239.

Have a blessed day!