Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Master Builder Amulet - Crystal Quantum Radio Device

New from Brane-Power in December 2013 - The Master Builder Amulet

This amulet was especially designed by E.J. Gold to aid in the process of becoming a Master Builder.
Master Building is a multilayer, multidimensional skill requiring many skills - attention, presence, ability to cooperate (from being able to follow instructions precisely to bringing together a group to work on a project the requires a team), proper movement, vision, number stacking, geometry, or, in short, knowledge of how to use the needed tools in whatever you are building - to completion on a masterful level - be it  objects, a tiny house, a palace, sculptures, jewelry,  a garden, a family, an angel or invocational space - all the way to building, running and maintaining a world. It requires skill to be part of a group, from integration of Self to bringing individuals together to work as a group through it's stages of chaos into  alignment - allowing the expression and abilities of each in service of the needs of a greater whole. This amulet also facilitates connection with Amenhotep - a prolific builder in ancient Egypt - with alien origin. 

Use this amulet to tune into the Master Builder - it is of course YOU and you are trying to encourage your presence and getting radiation exposure and quantum entanglement galore - pulling you through into the avatar status - you are getting that tug, you want to feel that tug. The more you work in the ashram, the better that forward motion with accelerate - you got to get way above the speed of light.

Please contact Brane-Power at 530-271-2239 or through their contact form for more information. In association, there is a Master Builder's course offered starting in December 2013 also.
For the course, you will need: The The Secrit Lab and the Carpet Layout.
First learn how to move, organize your settings and view so when you start building, you'll see things properly. You will need inventory management. Get things out of there that don't belong there and won;t serve you - which are probably way more that you know. You will need to know where things go that you take in in various ways.
As with the tools E.J. Gold makes available, they are never "just" about the ordinary physical world - or in this case, building. As above, so below - and the image of a thing is like the thing itself.
You can also use the contact form on yoyodyne industries

"This is my 10 cycle - base capacitance, calculate where you're at and match with your fixed - when you know what frequency


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Psycho Jammer Crystal Quantum Amulet

If you are plagued by recurrent bad memories, thoughts or visuals and they are keeping you from living fully here and now, then this new Crystal Quantum amulet in October 2013 might be for you.
As a response to a need from several people asking for help this amulet is E.J.'s answer to the getting crammed with bad thoughts and energies and works on the scatter principle.

Psycho Jammer - a new CQR amulet  in October 2013

Contact Brane-Power for the Introductory Special


As E.J. Gold stated in the Inner Circle workshop on October 26, 2013: "The intention of the Psycho Jammer is not to block,  but scatter unwanted mental, emotional and spiritual energies."
It does not matter if the energy or thoughts originate from you or others, it works both directions. Just like radio jamming - it brakes up a signal, diffuses, disperses, absorbs and redirects - it  scatters.
Other words that can describe the effect would be to neutralize, dissolve or  render unreadable.

Are there other effects this amulet has? As with all Crystal Quantum amulets, that is of course entirely possible and depends on your particular energy field, intention and need - and then of course, not helplessly having to re-live those thoughts, feelings or being jammed with unwanted intrusive psychic energies - may just lead to a whole different life.

If you are interested, please call the Brane-Power crew at 530, 271, 2239 - or you can use the contact form on the Brane-power website. 

Right now, the amulet is on the intro-sale :)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bodhisattva In Training - The BIT - New Crystal Quantum Amulet from Brane-Power July 4, 2013

New Brane-Power CQR - Crystal Quantum Amulet

The BIT - Bodhisattva in Training
Crystal Quantum Amulet
The BIT - Bodhisattva in Training
Crystal Quantum Amulet.

Some souls are meant to do a certain kind of work. That work is expressed in the Bodhisattva vow. If deep down you "know" that that is your path, and you would like connection with the sangha of those with you in all time & dimension and help on this path - then this amulet is for you.

The effects of this amulet will facilitate developing the qualities necessary to life the life of a  Bodhisattva. It will also help you getting through the trial and tribulations and many tasks and tests and seemingly insurmountable obstacles,  facing the incomprehensible suffering as well as your own dark side and realizing the paradoxes of the manifest/un-manifest world. It will remind and support you on this path and guide you  through deep awakening of your intuition and inner knowing.

As with all Crystal Quantum amulets - how  this exactly manifests for you in your life and for your Being, is especially unpredictable for this amulet. 

Some qualties you might expect to see from connection with this amulet are:
Awakening of your deepest heart,  develop  compassion, patience, letting go,
develop a forgiving nature, relaxation of any expectation, generosity, strength, discipline, integrity, shamanic abilities, musical talents, voyaging abilities, seeing and hearing, willingness tfor selfless service and to go beyond the ego, seeing beyond the illusion, realizing oneness - to be in this world fully realized, yet not of it, to be living as oneness while breathing and walking in and as your body - for the benefit of all sentient beings whatever time, place and with the people you will find yourself with.
You might call this one the Awakening Amulet for the sake of serving others.

The Bodhisattva Vow

The passions of delusion are inexhaustible. I vow to extinguish them all at once.
The number of beings is endless. I vow to help save them all.
The Truth cannot be told. I vow to tell it.
The Way which cannot be followed is unattainable. I vow to attain it.

taken from

Working as a Bodhisattva is the commitment to put others before oneself.

In Mahayana Buddhism, the bodhisattva vows to work for the relief and liberation of all sentient beings as long as samsara persists.

May this effort be for the relief of all unnecessary suffering of all sentient beings everywhere .

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Healing Waters Amulet 2013

The Healing Waters Amulet is a beautiful amulet  meant to open the heart in a such a way - that deeply felt compassion can arise. We come from water, we are watery - our waters still have the composition of the oceans. We are all deeply connected. As  a Being, you are capable of compassion. From a deeply felt compassion, right action flows like water from a spring, washes onto the shore like a wave -  It does not discriminate, it touches all and everything. As clear and clean water flows in the right measure, both nourishing and cleansing,  it refreshes, it replenishes,it gives, it soothes and in time,  it allows for things to grow lush and beautiful. All in its reach will benefit, and so will your felt compassion touch what is suffering and soothe it as it flows. Facilitating deep understanding, the Healing Waters Amulet  helps to develop the strength and resolve for right action to flow from us. This is an amulet to increase awareness of what healthy means in any given circumstance and be able to make the  right choices to support it. It opens the willingness for Healing - to be come whole. Its vision is one of health and radiance for all beings. Water stands for the life blood that flows in all of us as well as the earth.  Healthy water and a  healthy environment go together with healthy and compassionate attitude towards ourselves and all around us - and you and and we are supporting this in a move towards balance and harmony.  As an action, this starts right now: 
With the purchase of this amulet, you get  a very special discount and have the opportunity to  DONATE THE DIFFERENCE to a cause close to your heart!

please contact brane-power for more information

For more on what healing means to us, please click You Can Heal

Blessed Be

Friday, June 28, 2013

Amulets for earth harmony, bodhisattva and soulmates

Announcement for upcoming amulets:

The Soul Mate Amulet

Attract the mate of your soul, to live and love the divine love while here in human form. This amulet attunes your vibration to match that of your soul mate and gently induces relaxing of any grasping or unhealthy clinging and tendencies. It facilitates deep cellular breathing and energy flow all the way down and into every cell of your body, lighting them up in radiance, joy and life energy, putting you on course for your life  with profound alignment of your body and soul and purpose of being here. The effect could be likened to something like ringing the bell of your true Being - calling in the one - your soul mate - that rings in resonance.

The BIT - Bodhisattva in Training Amulet.

Some souls are meant to do a certain kind of work. That work is expressed in the bodhisattva vow. If deep down you "know" that that is your path, then this amulet is for you. This amulet will help you get through the trial and tribulations, the many tasks and tests and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, face the incomprehensible suffering, the paradoxes of the manifest/unmanifest world. It will remind & support you  on this path and guide you in your path through deep awakening of your intuition and inner knowing. It helps recognize and develop the awakening of your heart, compassion, patience, letting go, a forgiving nature, relaxation of any expectation, generosity, strength, integrity, wildness, shamanic abilities, musical talents, voyaging abilities, seeing and hearing, willingness to perfect service and to go beyond the ego - to be in this world fully & realized, yet not of it, to be living as oneness while breathing and walking in and as your body - for the benefit of all sentient beings everywhere.

The Earth Harmony Compassion amulet.
Access quantum love and awaken the compassionate heart.

One vehicle to discover, develop, live and deepen your Being's compassion is via the feeling possible through this human form and heart. The true and deep heart of compassion.
This amulet gently,  or possibly suddenly, awakens the feeling compassionate heart who then feels called live on harmony with everyone and all living things,  animals and plants on earth - even in the days of technology. Access and manifest the world in which it really is possible.  Whether you simply love our beautiful world and universe and feel the pain of its destruction in front of your eyes, whether you live to relieve suffering of sentient beings, whether you just love this earthgame and wish it to be preserved or you just have an open aching heart for animals and plants - this amulet is for you. Working from a quantum level to manifest and living in harmony with mother earth and all her creatures - plants, four legged, feathers, scales winded & crawling - life in harmony is possible.

While life on earth is a circle of birth and death and the in betweens and does include pain and suffering, the unimaginable atrocities done to earth and her creatures opens the heart in agony and then there is the love and vision of living in harmony that respects all life forms and honors the natural cycles of life.

This amulet is to infuse the space of your path with gentle beingness, patience, respect for all living things, honoring of life, courage to walk your path, strength to see and hear what is there, willingness to feel the pain, recognition of the divine soul and being in every form, and awaken hearts to compassion for all sentient beings.

This is not and easy path and not for everyone.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Parallel Worlds explored - in Second Life

It has been too long since we posted any news - and so much is new. Parallel worlds in physics are becoming a given, and there are many ways to explore them. Using the Super Beacon is one way - astral travel and lucid dreaming another - and - exploring life in Second Life is another. It is very interesting - but I Love to meditate there at night for now - the potential is mind-boggling.
I pretty much hand out at the cyberspace Prosperity Ashram.

Then there are the orb runs .... so amazing. Did you know you can request runs for you or someone else - for health and healing?

Check out the orbs .....I love the Karma wash especially.

I wish you all health, joy, happiness and fulfillment of your life's purpose - and may you find a way to truly grow past the pain and hurt and unfairness that others have done or are doing and be able to simply take right action in each moment.

In my other worlds and lives, I wish to also work with the amulets and may there be a Super Beacon too.

And I love my Living in Harmony with the Natural World amulet :)

Going to spend my night meditating

Friday, February 15, 2013

Blessings Amulet - New Crystal Quantum Amulet from Brane-Power

Brane-Power introduces the  Blessings Amulet 

.... and this brand new Crystal Quantum Amulet is on sale now - February 2013.

The Blessings amulet carries with it Blessings for everyone in its sphere of influence. To bless, or to bestow blessings is to call upon someone  divine grace, bestow a measure of sacredness, joy, happiness, good fortune and wellbeing.   The Blessings amulet facilitates  kind-heartedness, sincerity, selflessness, love, divine service,  humility, a calm  inner sanctum,  clarity, presence and  peace.  This amulet helps you to be in the space where genuine blessing baraka is emanating from you and can be bestowed. The act of blessing is each and everyone's birthright and blessing is something you do for another or others.  For anyone who would like to do this service, this is a wonderful and very powerful amulet. You don't have to be ordained or ask permission to bless someone, something or a situation and the repeated acts of blessing will help you develop your soul.

This is an amazing CQR amulet.

Many Blessings to you, your family and all the Beings in the Quantum Universe.

You may also find a number of Prosperity Path Orbs very helpful in that regard, especially the Blessings Orb, which by its nature will help you to actually bestow Blessings to someone in need.

Go check out Brane-Power or call 530-271-2239. or you can also use the  Brane-Power contact page

Monday, February 11, 2013

Crystal Quantum Addiction Be Gone Amulet - from Brane-Power

On Introductory sale NOW: The Addiction Be Gone Amulet

 - a black diode power packed little "guy", small and affordable.

One of the new amulets this year is Brane-Power's Crystal Quantum  Addiction Be Gone  Amulet. It got requested a number of times, especially to be used in conjunction with the Prosperity Path Addiction Remedy Orb.

The Crystal Quantum Addiction Be Gone amulet helps to re-focus which habits we would like to manifest in our life and helps forming habits that contribute to the growth and development of the harmonious human being. Experience more relaxation, energy, stress reduction, more focus and increased abilities in your life - and discover what life can be like in the creative freedom of the meditative states. The Beta-blocker amulets work in conjunction with your being's volition, they will not work like drugs. They open a portal which you then step through.

Testimonial by one of the "early bird" recipients: I am wearing the Addiction amulet on recommendation of a friend who has found it very useful in goal achievement. Although it is new I can already feel a shift. I definitely feel more positive. Good Luck to me!
jg, nyc

If you are interested in working with the Addiction orb in addition to the amulet, or are drwan to one of the other amazing orbs offered for free (except a minimal download fee) by Prosperity Path, check it out here: Prosperity Path Orb Portal. The orbs also work non-linearly on the quantum level.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Do the quantum amulet attribute numbers matter?

The Crystal Quantum Amulets have attributes assigned to them, numbered from 1-5. Some folks, who are drawn to a particular amulet, might wonder about the attribute numbers:

Do CQR amulet attribute numbers matter? Should you get an amulet with only or mostly high numbers  or a lot of attributes?

The short answer is - NO - Some of the most powerful experiences reported have come from the simply looking Classic with not a single number 5 attribute. It was in fact designed to be both powerful and to be available for everyone and as affordable gifts.

What determines how the amulet works?

Generally, type of circuit configuration as well as the induction ring, the rope being much stronger, determines the signal strength/power. Then there is the intentionality of creation and the quantum entanglement with the space that is part in how the amulet works. The higher numbers do indicate a stronger effect in those attributes, but also, there is the entire mixture of attibutes to consider. Sometimes just a few attributes end up getting a bigger effect than an amulet with a whole bunch of them.

The other major component is the energy field, sensitivity, intention and Being of the wearer of a Quantum amulet, YOU.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART is - how the amulet "fits" with you.

Someone who is opposed to this technology cannot be overpowered by these Crystal Quantum Radios. For everyone else - it will facilitate your coming to center, calming the beta brain and a dropping into more peaceful and creative - meditative states of being. What that looks like for you, how that manifests in your life and how much you notice, that depends one you - the wearer.  It really is the working together, the blending, the stimilation of what the amulets pulls in and connects you with as well as your being's need and your receptivity.

What is the best method in choosing an amulet?

The best method for you is the method that works for you.

The method in choosing an amulet recommended by E.J. Gold is to look at the amulets and notice which one you keep coming back to, which one you feel drawn to. THAT is the amulet meant for you at this time.The amulet in a way tells you, chooses you. This is true even if there is a strong "negative" reaction you notice in --- nah, not that one ...but for some reason you keep looking at it.

For some people that form of choosing, the intuition or feeling of being drawn to an amulet does not work - and for them, the attribute list is very helpful. Rest assured though that in terms of how it works for you - the numbers don't really matter if you feel drawn to an amulet.

And on some level - any amulet will work if you are receptive to the states of being that they facilitate - because lets face it, some people don't actually want to get out of the beta brain - it is where they feel safe and in control.

So my recommendation: don't get hung up about the numbers.

I have an amulet and it is having a strong effect - but it does not have that attribute assigned to them - how come?

This is because once you drop into the meditative creative states of being - all kinds of things can happen with ANY of the amulets. We can't possibly list ALL the qualities and effects, and as stated above - it is very much a working together with your energy field and being.

If the rope bezel is too strong, can I get the amulet in a plain frame?

What we did get reports on is this: sometimes the rope bezel was making the amulet so strong, that they asked us to put it in a plain frame one and then it worked for them. This works for all glass crystal amulets and most acrylic crystal amulets.

Then why do you have the CQR Amulet Select-o-Matic?

Because some people simply need this tool  to to make a choice which amulet is right for them.
and - it is fun to play around with and say you would like an amulet that has "happiness" as an attribute - you can type it in and the amulets who carry that attribute show up.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crystal Quantum Radio Amulets Superbeacon Sale

Just out - you can also check this on
There is a SALE for Crystal Quantum Radio meditation and transformation amulets and SuperBeacons is GOING ON NOW - February 2013.

Click on the images to find out more about the amulets and to buy - if the website has not caught up yet ...give them a call - the sale is for real - 530-271-2239 - or use the Brane-Power contact page.
Before letting you in on the "which ones", I want to share a couple of recent testimonials:
"I heard about your amulets through a friend on of the thing he said was.."I already have many stories to tell regarding this amulet and they are truly far out.
~"KF" N.R.
"In all the years that we have been playing in the fields of evolution, we have never seen devices like these. Absolutely everyone who puts one on feels it and wants one. Pretty awesome."
~ Jan H., Santa Clara, CA
Since wearing my betablocker, I am happier, more alert, I think and feel more positive. I have even experienced glimpses of parallel worlds. No migraines!
~ S.M., Long Beach, CA

cqr-ammy-doubleblackdiode_bDouble Black Diode $500.00 now $425.00
"I have noticed that after I received the Black Diode Ammy, that I have been able to smile and be happy even in the midst of conflict and turmoil. I smile a lot more than I used to, almost all the time :-) And I have also noticed that conflicting situations usually resolve almost automatically by themselves, without me having to do anything. This has never happened before, but now it happens all the time, which is absolutely great!" -- B.N., Therapist, Norway
"My girlfriend has been noticing how calming the Double Black is. She had to do a lot of running around today and said it really helped her stay calm, slowed her mind down and not feel stressed."
~ Se D., Vancouver, BC

cqr-ammy-quantumwitch_b   Quantum Witch $375 now $325.
"I really like the colors of the components and my friend has the Quantum Witch ( which is what got me to buy one ) so although I love the Double Black Diode i think trying something different might be good!"

cqr-ammy-quantumwizard_bQuantum Wizard $375 now $325.
After wearing my beta blocker for a while I noticed that I was feeling like my old self, and to me that meant I was beginning to feel like when I was thirty, which was a fairly long time ago. I lost a lot of the stuff that was weighing me down in recent years. I have given beta blockers to all of my children and all of my close friends. They are a real gift in this time of such great need.
~ J.D. Sooke, BC
"Everything is going great at the moment, have had a lot of fun with the other Happy camper wearing CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet :) I bought from you, really looking forward to receive the Love Amulet as well :-)" -- Marissa K., Omaha, NE

cqr-ammy-prosperity_bProsperity Amulet $125. now $99.00
My prosperity amulet arrived this afternoon. I put it on and was writing a little thank you email to you guys when I got a call telling me that my father's estate has a check for me in the amount of $150,000!
I had been wearing the amulet for maybe eight minutes!!! We, like so many people these days, have been really struggling to make ends meet. We were even wondering if we would have to sell our home.
~ M.L., Orange County, CA
"Please send the Prosperity amulet along with the Quantum Witch amulet.  This amulet was calling to me I wanted to wait to test the witch amulet...I just had to get it."
~ Beverly

cqr-ammy-classic_bAnd of course our - Classic Amulet $125.00 is $65.00
check out  the extra discount when you get 5 of those!!!!
I had given my brother the Classic Amulet to try and he said that from the moment he put it on everything changed: clarity, deeper meditation, better business -- I noticed a difference in his energy as soon as I saw him.
~ Lorraine K., Vancouver
"Just got my Classic. I already feel calmer and more peaceful".
~ Michelle
"Received my package today. Put the classic amulet on, started to read and within two minutes i was in a very deep sleep, i woke just 20 minutes later feeling great and energized."

superbeacon02SuperBeacon $2250. now $1890.
~ S.B., Patterson, NJ
These beta-blockers and Beacon are great devices in bringing one right into the psychic /intuitive frequency.
I am most grateful to  Brane-, for making available what I've been tracking down my whole life. Thanks a Million !
"The Beacon rocks!"
~ "Steady Eddie", Dublin
A heightened state of awareness in just minutes. Totally relaxed, more than when I lie down to go to sleep. Deep, deep relaxation and then when it was over I was full of energy and imagination. I am an artist and I also write, so relaxation and imagination are really important to me. I found the SuperBeacon™ to have an amazing effect on me, better than anything else I have tried.
~ Susan E., Aspen, CO
After the SuperBeacon™ I felt euphoric. It is fantastic and I am getting one for me and my family!
~ Jane P., Portland, OR
Thank you again for the most amazing products out there from someone who has tried everything on the market.
~ Dennis B., New Jersey
The Addiction Amulet and The Blessings Amulet are on special
special introductory offer