Thursday, July 24, 2014

Venus Amulet - Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet from Brane-Power

July 2014 - The Venus Amulet :

This special amulet started out as a special request Custom Amulet to "just find someone to share my life with".

Clear and simple - to find a companion to share the life with
to include connection, openness, trust and fun, powerful love and passion without the drama. The amulet invokes the changes and circumstances within you and your life for your companion to join.

The Venus amulet is a 2 in 1 amulet as it is a combination of the Love-Power and Soul-Mate Amulet.

Major attributes of this amulet include: Courage, Gratitude,  Happiness, Life, Love, Inner Radiance, Peace, Prosperity, Sensitivity, Spontaneity, Tantric, Transformation.

You too can get your custom amulet please call Brane-Power at 530-271-2239
or use their contact form

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Amulet Pouches - handpainted - with heart

Sorry, no longer available

They are so so beautiful - hand painted amulet leather pouches, really really sweet - I love them.
We have had requests for a long time for pouches for the CQR amulets, and now they are available - and for a special purpose too.

These pouches are sold by Jewel specifically to benefit the care of resident real life animals, to give them what they need - and ALL proceeds will be used for them and their care....for the care of the dogs, the cat, the birds and the fish and the lizards too - but for the care of the dogs specifically. We thank local artist Denise Wey who is donating the beautiful paintings - animals are close to her heart too. The image is of samples - all pouches are unique and all paintings different.

....  and then I remember: these are leather - made with hide from killed sentient beings who were kept in accordance with confined animal raising - altogether abusive in what this society does to the environment and the living creatures in it.

So how can I possibly justify using it?

And as I write about this, the animal comes into view and heart and my eyes tear up - and yes, I honor you dear one - who was made to suffer by ignorant humans - and I honor you in death - connecting you to this awakening process across time and space ...with a stunning painting of a device meant to help awaken us humans and all being everywhere, your hide intended to hold and keep safe a Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet. Please forgive us - and even though I wish not to support such industy that is so cruel - I still love this pouch - thank you. Rejecting this does not do anyone any good and the proceeds will help to take care of animals NOW.

The picture does not do this pouch or paining justice
I think of the alternative and am aware that cotton is almost all GMO now, which means untold destruction of soil as well as killing of countless insects and small mammals and habitat for all kinds of animals. So then - let it be and love, love this amazing piece of art - this beautiful amulet pouch for your crystal quantum radio amulet

Yes - Love - connect - use this so so beautiful piece of leather - transformed into a pouch with a stunning painting - to connect - connect - realize you are that - you are one - love.

And help in the care of the animals is needed and appreciated greatly.

Please call 530-271-2239 to order your Amulet pouch.

Pouches are on special during the month of July 2014.

This is how it works for me:
Finding a way from the heart, leading to right action - leaving out the sentimentality -
and finding a higher realm  connection and honoring of those animals.
Connection with the  animals whose hide are being used - are serving -
(even as they are already "gone") through time and space with brane-
power and awakening ....might just work in this quantum universe to be of benefit for all beings everywhere.The pouches become power objects themselves, psychometrically
readable and this is potentiated when the amulets are kept in it ....

Let there be honoring.