Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Parallel Worlds explored - in Second Life

It has been too long since we posted any news - and so much is new. Parallel worlds in physics are becoming a given, and there are many ways to explore them. Using the Super Beacon is one way - astral travel and lucid dreaming another - and - exploring life in Second Life is another. It is very interesting - but I Love to meditate there at night for now - the potential is mind-boggling.
I pretty much hand out at the cyberspace Prosperity Ashram.

Then there are the orb runs .... so amazing. Did you know you can request runs for you or someone else - for health and healing?

Check out the urthgame.com orbs .....I love the Karma wash especially.

I wish you all health, joy, happiness and fulfillment of your life's purpose - and may you find a way to truly grow past the pain and hurt and unfairness that others have done or are doing and be able to simply take right action in each moment.

In my other worlds and lives, I wish to also work with the amulets and may there be a Super Beacon too.

And I love my Living in Harmony with the Natural World amulet :)

Going to spend my night meditating