Monday, June 16, 2014

Harmony Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet

This is the Harmony Amulet

It is a special purpose amulet - to be worn during specific harmony induction exercise.

E.J. Gold wrote about this amulet in his blog here:

What Does it Mean, “Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being”, and why such a long name?

It is a very very powerful amulet, available in roped as well as coin edge bezel.

Harmony Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet
Harmony Amulet in SS Coin Edge Bezel
What is the difference? The braided silver functions as a much stronger induction ring compared to the coin edge bezel. The circuitry works the same, and it becomes a matter of personal preference. Generally, E.J. Gold recommends the roped bezel if possible.

Here is an excerpt from the blog post "Okay, now — and NOT BEFORE — put on your HARMONY amulet. This ammy is only to be worn during this exercise. While wearing the ammy, don’t be neurotic. Don’t explain why you CAN’T be finished with your neuroses, just don’t be neurotic when activating this ammy, that’s all. No room here for self-gratification, there is no room for diddling about; failure is not an option. Wardrobe Malfunction, however, IS an option, and when we get our fashion celebrity trunk shows and runway events together, we’ll discuss the publicity and promotional options. Run the full 5 minutes of the Harmony Induction. If you really need more, play it again, Sam. Do this until you FEEL somewhat more harmonious. Yes, I know that’s terribly subjective, but Harmony is more of an Art than a Science, so bear with the learning process — it doesn’t happen overnight. Well, actually it does."

The Translator - Crystal Radio Amulet new from Brane - Power

June 16 2014 - here is Brane-Power's Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet just released June 16:

"The Translator" 

It translates things for you - vertically as well as horizontally.

What does that mean? This amulet helps to understand angelic messages, communications from the higher self, your guides, it helps in channeling - This is the vertical aspect - between the higher and lower vibrational realms. It also works horizontally - around you, on this level and this reality - it helps you to understand what is being said, what is being communicated in this realm person to person, animal or plant -  through words, images, music, sound or otherwise. This Quantum device helps you to understand what is being communicated, with trust, opening, and keen intuition.

Mayor Attributes for the CQR  "The Translator"  include"

Angelic, Aura Enhancement, Being, Confidence, Communication, Consciousness, Dowsing, Higher Intelligence, Integrity, Letting Go, Mediumship, Past Life Recall, Paranormal Activity, Native Spirits, Presence, Higher Love, Higher Power, Lucid Dreaming, Truth, Tuner, UFO, Understanding, Visioning, Voyaging, Wisdom, Work on Self.
Please see the select-o-matic on Brane-Power
Taken from Yoyodyne-Industries:

These Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™ Amulets are tuned to the Schumann Harmonic, the World-Sound made by radio waves emanating from the stars and the explosive force of the Big Bang at the moment of Creation. Never needs batteries or recharging, this Quantum Device is powered directly by radio waves from outer space.
Yoyodyne is the home of Crystal Quantum Radio  technology. This is where it all started. Here you will find everything from Beacons to Super Beacons, Zone Boxes to Inductions, and even beta blockers for Pets.
Brane-Power specializes in our amazing line of amulets. There you will find the complete line of amulets.
UrthGame (more commonly known by its name Prosperity Path) is our software division. There you will find amazing Orbs built to help you in many different ways. Definitely check it out. Each Orb is free. (You just pay the small download fee.) Why on Earth would we give away these games free? Well, we happen to be of the Bodhisattva inclination. These websites are all part of our on-going efforts to help bring about the liberation of all beings everywhere.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Double Protection Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet from Brane-Power

Thought I'd let you know about this one, a

New Brane-Power Amulet in June 2014.
 E.J. Gold called it:

"Double Protection"

Need Double your Protection - this one is for you.

Whether you might be feeling just not quite up to it all today, need more psychic protection, facing an uncertain voyage, don't seem to have a lot of extray energy or just feel your "teflon shield", that is your energy shield to roll things off off,  is getting thin lately -  this amulet is designed to double up on your protection, no matter what ...
As with all new amulets, there will be an introductory sales price. Please contact Brane-Power at 530-271-2239 - or through their contact form here:

Major power attributes of the Double Protection Amulet include:

Psychic Self Defense

also confidence, courage, compassion, energy, humility, divine intelligence and strength.
The amulet is also available in a coin edge bezel. What is the difference you ask? The difference is that the braided silver works as a much stronger induction ring. A number of times folks found the roped bezel amulet  very strong and a request for the plain bezel was made. I just thought I'd show you

May you always be safe while journeying anywhere.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Goddess Amulet - Crystal Quantum Radio for Goddesses

This little amulet is for all of you - divine feminine manifestations of the Great Goddess. Invoke the Grace, Beauty, Love, Fierceness, Courage and Strength with the surrender to Being itself, facing all that needs to be faced, holding all that needs to be held, giving all that needs to be given, protecting all that needs protection - dancing all that wants to be danced - answering the call of those who call out to her.

This little amulet - is affordable to anyone. There may be many forms of the goddess. This amulet is suitable for daughters, mothers and grandmothers and anyone else wanting to connect with and bring out in their life these qualities of the Goddess.

It is not too early to give a gift to a child - calling forth those divine qualities from the Quantum Beingness of this Manifested Universe. It is not too early - or too late for anyone, at any time, to invoke the Goddess in your life and manifested as you.

I am letting you know about this amulet because it is so beutiful while simple - and it is affordable. It goes with any other amulet or outfit. It can grace you and make you feel beautiful :)