Saturday, September 20, 2014

True North - Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet from Brane-Power

Brane-Power's beautiful, new ( in September 2014) Crystal Quantum Radio (CQR) amulet is powerful. I have even heard it compared to the Quantum Witch with its vibration. Another name for it could be: Navigation Amulet - for its primary function as a navigation aid.

 "True North"- is a CQR amulet with the primary function to help with the skillful navigation into and within any new territory or circumstance. Whether it is a new or unfamiliar simple life situation, a major life change, a Being shift or level change on the path you are on,  this amulet is a guide, a beacon, a source of strength, intuition and surrender, a tool to reorient and recharge when lost or distracted. You might have heard how the North Star was used as the guiding light on the path to freedom - this amulet is constant reminder of your own True North, the guiding light that keeps you on track in uncharted waters.
You will notice that amulet circuit includes 2 special elements which add to its potency and guiding function.

Major attributes of this amulet include: Attention, awakening, communication, courage, essence, guide, humility, gratitude, transformation, truth, voyaging, strength, magic, manifesting, protection, divine intelligence, pure love and many more.

The amulet is a high level amulet - however, as always, contact Brane-Power soon and you will get the introductory special price :) - 1-530-271-2239
For other Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet from brane-power, please check out their website.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Venus Amulet - Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet from Brane-Power

July 2014 - The Venus Amulet :

This special amulet started out as a special request Custom Amulet to "just find someone to share my life with".

Clear and simple - to find a companion to share the life with
to include connection, openness, trust and fun, powerful love and passion without the drama. The amulet invokes the changes and circumstances within you and your life for your companion to join.

The Venus amulet is a 2 in 1 amulet as it is a combination of the Love-Power and Soul-Mate Amulet.

Major attributes of this amulet include: Courage, Gratitude,  Happiness, Life, Love, Inner Radiance, Peace, Prosperity, Sensitivity, Spontaneity, Tantric, Transformation.

You too can get your custom amulet please call Brane-Power at 530-271-2239
or use their contact form

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Amulet Pouches - handpainted - with heart

Sorry, no longer available

They are so so beautiful - hand painted amulet leather pouches, really really sweet - I love them.
We have had requests for a long time for pouches for the CQR amulets, and now they are available - and for a special purpose too.

These pouches are sold by Jewel specifically to benefit the care of resident real life animals, to give them what they need - and ALL proceeds will be used for them and their care....for the care of the dogs, the cat, the birds and the fish and the lizards too - but for the care of the dogs specifically. We thank local artist Denise Wey who is donating the beautiful paintings - animals are close to her heart too. The image is of samples - all pouches are unique and all paintings different.

....  and then I remember: these are leather - made with hide from killed sentient beings who were kept in accordance with confined animal raising - altogether abusive in what this society does to the environment and the living creatures in it.

So how can I possibly justify using it?

And as I write about this, the animal comes into view and heart and my eyes tear up - and yes, I honor you dear one - who was made to suffer by ignorant humans - and I honor you in death - connecting you to this awakening process across time and space ...with a stunning painting of a device meant to help awaken us humans and all being everywhere, your hide intended to hold and keep safe a Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet. Please forgive us - and even though I wish not to support such industy that is so cruel - I still love this pouch - thank you. Rejecting this does not do anyone any good and the proceeds will help to take care of animals NOW.

The picture does not do this pouch or paining justice
I think of the alternative and am aware that cotton is almost all GMO now, which means untold destruction of soil as well as killing of countless insects and small mammals and habitat for all kinds of animals. So then - let it be and love, love this amazing piece of art - this beautiful amulet pouch for your crystal quantum radio amulet

Yes - Love - connect - use this so so beautiful piece of leather - transformed into a pouch with a stunning painting - to connect - connect - realize you are that - you are one - love.

And help in the care of the animals is needed and appreciated greatly.

Please call 530-271-2239 to order your Amulet pouch.

Pouches are on special during the month of July 2014.

This is how it works for me:
Finding a way from the heart, leading to right action - leaving out the sentimentality -
and finding a higher realm  connection and honoring of those animals.
Connection with the  animals whose hide are being used - are serving -
(even as they are already "gone") through time and space with brane-
power and awakening ....might just work in this quantum universe to be of benefit for all beings everywhere.The pouches become power objects themselves, psychometrically
readable and this is potentiated when the amulets are kept in it ....

Let there be honoring.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Harmony Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet

This is the Harmony Amulet

It is a special purpose amulet - to be worn during specific harmony induction exercise.

E.J. Gold wrote about this amulet in his blog here:

What Does it Mean, “Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being”, and why such a long name?

It is a very very powerful amulet, available in roped as well as coin edge bezel.

Harmony Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet
Harmony Amulet in SS Coin Edge Bezel
What is the difference? The braided silver functions as a much stronger induction ring compared to the coin edge bezel. The circuitry works the same, and it becomes a matter of personal preference. Generally, E.J. Gold recommends the roped bezel if possible.

Here is an excerpt from the blog post "Okay, now — and NOT BEFORE — put on your HARMONY amulet. This ammy is only to be worn during this exercise. While wearing the ammy, don’t be neurotic. Don’t explain why you CAN’T be finished with your neuroses, just don’t be neurotic when activating this ammy, that’s all. No room here for self-gratification, there is no room for diddling about; failure is not an option. Wardrobe Malfunction, however, IS an option, and when we get our fashion celebrity trunk shows and runway events together, we’ll discuss the publicity and promotional options. Run the full 5 minutes of the Harmony Induction. If you really need more, play it again, Sam. Do this until you FEEL somewhat more harmonious. Yes, I know that’s terribly subjective, but Harmony is more of an Art than a Science, so bear with the learning process — it doesn’t happen overnight. Well, actually it does."

The Translator - Crystal Radio Amulet new from Brane - Power

June 16 2014 - here is Brane-Power's Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet just released June 16:

"The Translator" 

It translates things for you - vertically as well as horizontally.

What does that mean? This amulet helps to understand angelic messages, communications from the higher self, your guides, it helps in channeling - This is the vertical aspect - between the higher and lower vibrational realms. It also works horizontally - around you, on this level and this reality - it helps you to understand what is being said, what is being communicated in this realm person to person, animal or plant -  through words, images, music, sound or otherwise. This Quantum device helps you to understand what is being communicated, with trust, opening, and keen intuition.

Mayor Attributes for the CQR  "The Translator"  include"

Angelic, Aura Enhancement, Being, Confidence, Communication, Consciousness, Dowsing, Higher Intelligence, Integrity, Letting Go, Mediumship, Past Life Recall, Paranormal Activity, Native Spirits, Presence, Higher Love, Higher Power, Lucid Dreaming, Truth, Tuner, UFO, Understanding, Visioning, Voyaging, Wisdom, Work on Self.
Please see the select-o-matic on Brane-Power
Taken from Yoyodyne-Industries:

These Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™ Amulets are tuned to the Schumann Harmonic, the World-Sound made by radio waves emanating from the stars and the explosive force of the Big Bang at the moment of Creation. Never needs batteries or recharging, this Quantum Device is powered directly by radio waves from outer space.
Yoyodyne is the home of Crystal Quantum Radio  technology. This is where it all started. Here you will find everything from Beacons to Super Beacons, Zone Boxes to Inductions, and even beta blockers for Pets.
Brane-Power specializes in our amazing line of amulets. There you will find the complete line of amulets.
UrthGame (more commonly known by its name Prosperity Path) is our software division. There you will find amazing Orbs built to help you in many different ways. Definitely check it out. Each Orb is free. (You just pay the small download fee.) Why on Earth would we give away these games free? Well, we happen to be of the Bodhisattva inclination. These websites are all part of our on-going efforts to help bring about the liberation of all beings everywhere.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Double Protection Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet from Brane-Power

Thought I'd let you know about this one, a

New Brane-Power Amulet in June 2014.
 E.J. Gold called it:

"Double Protection"

Need Double your Protection - this one is for you.

Whether you might be feeling just not quite up to it all today, need more psychic protection, facing an uncertain voyage, don't seem to have a lot of extray energy or just feel your "teflon shield", that is your energy shield to roll things off off,  is getting thin lately -  this amulet is designed to double up on your protection, no matter what ...
As with all new amulets, there will be an introductory sales price. Please contact Brane-Power at 530-271-2239 - or through their contact form here:

Major power attributes of the Double Protection Amulet include:

Psychic Self Defense

also confidence, courage, compassion, energy, humility, divine intelligence and strength.
The amulet is also available in a coin edge bezel. What is the difference you ask? The difference is that the braided silver works as a much stronger induction ring. A number of times folks found the roped bezel amulet  very strong and a request for the plain bezel was made. I just thought I'd show you

May you always be safe while journeying anywhere.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Goddess Amulet - Crystal Quantum Radio for Goddesses

This little amulet is for all of you - divine feminine manifestations of the Great Goddess. Invoke the Grace, Beauty, Love, Fierceness, Courage and Strength with the surrender to Being itself, facing all that needs to be faced, holding all that needs to be held, giving all that needs to be given, protecting all that needs protection - dancing all that wants to be danced - answering the call of those who call out to her.

This little amulet - is affordable to anyone. There may be many forms of the goddess. This amulet is suitable for daughters, mothers and grandmothers and anyone else wanting to connect with and bring out in their life these qualities of the Goddess.

It is not too early to give a gift to a child - calling forth those divine qualities from the Quantum Beingness of this Manifested Universe. It is not too early - or too late for anyone, at any time, to invoke the Goddess in your life and manifested as you.

I am letting you know about this amulet because it is so beutiful while simple - and it is affordable. It goes with any other amulet or outfit. It can grace you and make you feel beautiful :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wormhole amulet

This is the Wormhole Amulet - which almost 3 years after conception is being made available this month. However - when the time comes - it's time.

E.J. Gold calls it "The Ass Kicker" - a wild and whacky amulet, your mule.
Wormhole CQR Amulet from Brane-Power
(can't see the clear crystal in there or the second capacitor, but I like the pic :)

This amulet facilitates travel into other spaces and dimension - sometimes quite suddenly so - which is why  the Beacon Training will come in handy. The amulet comes with 3 in-built crystals to aid with protection, clarity, intention and maintaining of your balance and of course the rope bezel induction ring.  It will work best in conjunction with Brane-Power's Beacon Training and Astral Travel Training - or other similar trainings elsewhere.

Some of the attributes of this amulet include:

All Encompassing, All One , Astral Projection, Consciousness , Death, Dissolution, Shapeshifting,
Voyaging, Courage, Inner Radiance

Working with the wormhole amulet can be a LOT of fun - if you are up for handling the space changes and related happenings :) - which may very well include significant and unexpected life changes.

For more information, please contact brane-power either through their contact page or call 530-271-2239.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Healer Helper - quantum devices in energy work

Letting you know about the Healer Helper. I no longer have a healing practice, but can think of a number of reasons why this tool is very valuable if I did.

Of the listed points on how the  Healer Helper can be used, this is the one I like the best:

The increased level of participation and control of the client - gotta love that - as ultimately self responsibility is crucial in the healing process.

I am wondering also  how this might work for contact between parents and autistic children ....
...and as I think more about it - as a parent, this  might be very useful  with kids, not for healing - but a certain type of sensitivity training - kids holding the grippers might be something cool - working with a quantum device ...and then mindfulness, body, sensory awareness ...about energy coming in, thoughts and ideas, visions and such ...

Helper Helper - Crystal Quantum Device from Brane-Power, available on Yoyodyne Industries

Brane-Power contact form
or call: 530-271-2239 – leaving a message and including your phone number is totally ok, someone will call you back.
Yoyodyne contact form
A comment about this from D.F on facebook - Yes, it is a way in which a young person can begin to unfold the 'sensing' mechanism. Once established, then, they can begin to own it. it is a forerunner to watching the body move, sit, dance. I think it wold work, certainly on younger children, I am not sure as they age, many obstacles.

You can find out more here Healer Helper
or get it here.

Brane-Power and Urthgame Super Short Meditations - and effective

I am still amazed at the testimonials that keep coming in from amulets and Super-Beacons - and more recently also from the Orbs (on urthgame) - and heard E.J. Gold say something like this -> that he is surprised that we are amazed that this really works ..."like I would put something out that doesn't and then have to deal with mail (ie you) about THAT?"

I suppose the quantum world is still - not quite part of my integrated consciousness. There is simply a LOT of old school (ing) conditioning still there - PLUS the human-societal electromagnetic-psychic energy field.

Here is one (of many) testimonials I can totally relate to (and I in fact even prefer the shorter orbs :) -> "One of the things I love about the inductions is that they don't take a lot of time. A lot of technologies take about 45 minutes every day. These inductions are about 10 minutes and they are incredible".
-- Lisa, Reno, NV

The inductions are both for the Beacon/Super-Beacon parallel world persona work and other inductions, like jousting for inter-dimensional travel- as well as the Zone Box induction for more THIS world issues and goals.

That too goes for the orbs I run ...the fast ones ....I really need, for this time in my life...something that does NOT take a long time, I don't care how pretty it is, or how effective it WOULD be if i did it.
if you love video games (or at least are not opposed to using virtual reality  in such things like prayer and meditation) and also want to do some good for others, the world or yourself AND often only have like 1-5 minutes might want to check this out too. (link is to the urthgame page to the shorter versions)

very short insta -fix orbs - can be done in 60 seconds

my faves - Karma Burn and the  Clear Light orb   take about 1 minute to however many minutes you want ...

...holy cow ...where the hell is the Karma Burn orb on urthgame ...i can't find it - and I am not even making it up....geez....I wanted to add the link the Karma burn NOW as I am writing because who knows when i get back to my computer .....IT IS MY FAVORITE .....I LOVE the sound/chant on this and karma burn is ALWAYS good. Even our local dog trainer used it after her arm surgery from being attacked by dogs....and she isn't even "into" this ....

The Karma burn orb is supposedly somewhere on urthgame - though maybe you are meant to stumble-upon a different one. There is usually SOME reason you are behind a slow car 


Dokini BeaconWork

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Royal Flush - New in February 2014 - Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet from Brane-Power

The Royal Flush - CQR Amulet from Brane-Power
Give your System a Royal Flush - To get rid of unwanted things - such as unwanted memories of past boyfriends - but really, to flush the system of unwanted things - a general cleansing as it may be.
This is a very potent circuitry and if you want a new start in Life, clean and clear - a new beginning - keep what is useful and purge what is no longer wanted - this may be the amulet for you.
Main attributes include Clarity, Compassion, Energy, Freedom, Strength, Transformation, Letting Go, Courage, Wellness, Higher Intelligence and Relaxation.

Check it out at Brane-Power for more information or call them at 530-271-2239.

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Connection Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet from Brane Power

The Connection Amulet

New on January 1, 2014  - for the special introductory offer, you can call Brane-Power at 530-271-2239 or use the Brane-Power contact form here.

"I love this amulet - it really feels so good to hold it in your hands, hold it against your heart and to look at - it makes me feel more connected to myself, my heart, and loving. It seems to slow me down, take a deep breath and look around -and smile. It is almost like mindfulness practice."

This special little amulet from Brane-Power is small, mighty and beautiful - and it is all about connection.

And who does not want to be more connected to someone or something? - Get connected deeper and more fully with yourself, others, the earth, your avatars, your guides - that which you deeply love?
This amulet is a connection aid - connection with whatever it is you need to be, want to be and are meant to be connected with. It helps to slow down and be mindful of what is here.

Some of the properties of this amulet also include clarity, truth, courage, presence, strength, divine love, joy, patience and service.

If this is the first time you read about Crystal Quantum amulets
and you are wondering what these amulets are and how they work, please check out the Brane-Power website or the Beaconwork FAQ page. Some folks really like Yoyodyne Industries.

There are many words on this page trying to explain - but really, just beyond the void and no matter how you look at it, it is all (about) connection and relatedness - within the Oneness of Being.
In this age of technology, speed and distraction - mindfulness , slowing down and re-connecting to being, one's self, nature, and each other is so important.

Get connected, stay connected, re-connect
You can get this amulet starting now from Brane-Power.

Giving you the contact information again: 530-271-2239 or you can use the Brane-Power contact form here.

Could be you are feeling alone, would like a token of connection to hold on to, find a deeper connection to the earth - or your higher self - or the purpose of your live - try this amulet.

This amulet will aid in conscious connection - and re-connection - in the way  that is most important and needed for you at this time. You can drop intoi a bit of mindfukllness just by holing it. It helps with opening your heart and any challenges that might come with that.

As is often the case, who it manifest exactly in your life is very individual - please let us know, we are always interested.

You can give this connection amulet to someone who you would like to stay connected with, wear it outdoors to create the space for a deeper connection with the earth, put it on your altar for connecting with your guides. There is a sacred oneness you are meant to realize - taking the urthgame to another level.Life changes when you are plugged in and connected.

Do you want  a deeper connection with yourself - or your birth family, soul mate, chosen families or the human family, or connection  with avatars in virtual worlds, connection with planetary and star beings, the earth and her children or parallel world personae? As you expand your consciousness you come to realize that indeed you are connected to everything and everyone - that there is - in truth - no separation.Crystal Quantum radio amulets work on subtle levels with your Being to be in the space needed.

The heart is coming more and more into focus as the seat of consciousness and higher love. It is the most powerful organ with a very strong magnetic field. As a human being, heart connections to others keep you healthy, happy and flourishing. On a physical level early on in life,  without connection, infants literally die, even if they get fed. In recent years, it has become scientifically evident that literal bare feet connection with the earth heals and strengthens human bodies. From animal communicators we learn just how deeply we are connected to the animal world, and there is even evidence that tree huggers are not crazy, but that connection with trees - and plants - is good for your health, state of mind and harmonious being. We know about the vast underground connections trees and fungi and in general plant roots form - together with microbes - how the yearly salmon run feeds ancient forests - how it all really is a huge pulsing living web.

This amulet is an aid in connecting different parts of your self - your individual self as well as your larger SELF.

Knowing ourselves and being connected to all our parts allows us to live our life's purpose more fully, allows us to see ourselves and others clearly and with  compassion.

When we look out and are truly able to see - and accept - that indeed it is all us, part of us and that what we do to the least of our brothers and sisters, we have done to our selves, we begin to realize the meaning to love your neighbor as the SELF - you ARE it ...

May you feel deeply connected with all parts of yourself and walk in strength, harmony and loving compassion.

In short, this amulet is the connection amulet. To find out more about how Brane-Power crystal Quantum amulets work, please check out Brane-Power or the Beaconwork FAQ page