Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Amulet - "Bifur"

Bifur - Attachment Loosener
This started as a custom amulet and is available on special request from yoyodyne-industries
The main purpose of this Crystal Quantum Amulet is  dealing with  attachments, especially to family and relationships.  More specific may be to say - very strong and over-powering attachments to family when faced with a life choice and destiny for a spiritual life and work. This also will help with attachments to conventions and even addictions. It helps with  unhealthy attachment and very  strong attachment.
This amulet is  like an attachment loosener.
The bifucation in the circuit signifies another choice possible, another path possible. Choose the life choices aligned with your spiritual path with strength as well as kindness and compassion. It can affect your life very profoundly.