Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Connection Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet from Brane Power

The Connection Amulet

New on January 1, 2014  - for the special introductory offer, you can call Brane-Power at 530-271-2239 or use the Brane-Power contact form here.

"I love this amulet - it really feels so good to hold it in your hands, hold it against your heart and to look at - it makes me feel more connected to myself, my heart, and loving. It seems to slow me down, take a deep breath and look around -and smile. It is almost like mindfulness practice."

This special little amulet from Brane-Power is small, mighty and beautiful - and it is all about connection.

And who does not want to be more connected to someone or something? - Get connected deeper and more fully with yourself, others, the earth, your avatars, your guides - that which you deeply love?
This amulet is a connection aid - connection with whatever it is you need to be, want to be and are meant to be connected with. It helps to slow down and be mindful of what is here.

Some of the properties of this amulet also include clarity, truth, courage, presence, strength, divine love, joy, patience and service.

If this is the first time you read about Crystal Quantum amulets
and you are wondering what these amulets are and how they work, please check out the Brane-Power website or the Beaconwork FAQ page. Some folks really like Yoyodyne Industries.

There are many words on this page trying to explain - but really, just beyond the void and no matter how you look at it, it is all (about) connection and relatedness - within the Oneness of Being.
In this age of technology, speed and distraction - mindfulness , slowing down and re-connecting to being, one's self, nature, and each other is so important.

Get connected, stay connected, re-connect
You can get this amulet starting now from Brane-Power.

Giving you the contact information again: 530-271-2239 or you can use the Brane-Power contact form here.

Could be you are feeling alone, would like a token of connection to hold on to, find a deeper connection to the earth - or your higher self - or the purpose of your live - try this amulet.

This amulet will aid in conscious connection - and re-connection - in the way  that is most important and needed for you at this time. You can drop intoi a bit of mindfukllness just by holing it. It helps with opening your heart and any challenges that might come with that.

As is often the case, who it manifest exactly in your life is very individual - please let us know, we are always interested.

You can give this connection amulet to someone who you would like to stay connected with, wear it outdoors to create the space for a deeper connection with the earth, put it on your altar for connecting with your guides. There is a sacred oneness you are meant to realize - taking the urthgame to another level.Life changes when you are plugged in and connected.

Do you want  a deeper connection with yourself - or your birth family, soul mate, chosen families or the human family, or connection  with avatars in virtual worlds, connection with planetary and star beings, the earth and her children or parallel world personae? As you expand your consciousness you come to realize that indeed you are connected to everything and everyone - that there is - in truth - no separation.Crystal Quantum radio amulets work on subtle levels with your Being to be in the space needed.

The heart is coming more and more into focus as the seat of consciousness and higher love. It is the most powerful organ with a very strong magnetic field. As a human being, heart connections to others keep you healthy, happy and flourishing. On a physical level early on in life,  without connection, infants literally die, even if they get fed. In recent years, it has become scientifically evident that literal bare feet connection with the earth heals and strengthens human bodies. From animal communicators we learn just how deeply we are connected to the animal world, and there is even evidence that tree huggers are not crazy, but that connection with trees - and plants - is good for your health, state of mind and harmonious being. We know about the vast underground connections trees and fungi and in general plant roots form - together with microbes - how the yearly salmon run feeds ancient forests - how it all really is a huge pulsing living web.

This amulet is an aid in connecting different parts of your self - your individual self as well as your larger SELF.

Knowing ourselves and being connected to all our parts allows us to live our life's purpose more fully, allows us to see ourselves and others clearly and with  compassion.

When we look out and are truly able to see - and accept - that indeed it is all us, part of us and that what we do to the least of our brothers and sisters, we have done to our selves, we begin to realize the meaning to love your neighbor as the SELF - you ARE it ...

May you feel deeply connected with all parts of yourself and walk in strength, harmony and loving compassion.

In short, this amulet is the connection amulet. To find out more about how Brane-Power crystal Quantum amulets work, please check out Brane-Power or the Beaconwork FAQ page