Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ask Matrix Guidance - Quantum Crystal Radio

Ask Matrix - wow

Need help with decisions in your daily life? Want guidance from higher or angelic entities? Want to find your life's purpose?  ASK MATRIX
Tap into the deepest Matrix out of which everything flows - through the use of Quantum Crystal radio - (CQR) Matrices and Ask Matrix questions.

CQR Matrices are interactive,  innovative devices for life guidance, direction and transformation 

Intention means everything. Make sure your intention is clear and unblemished in your life choices. Not sure you can weed out your unconscious and not always pure motives? -  ASK MATRIX on

Adding programmable Beta blocker Arrays to pull in what is uniquely and deeply relevant to your being, your path and life's deepest purpose expands your usage of the Matrix enormously. ASK MATRIX on

The really, imho, revolutionary thing about this is: YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR META-PROGRAMMING. You can reach through the limits and belief systems or conditioning … accessing your expanded awareness and consciousness. You can quantum wormhole travel. It starts with asking Matrix for guidance, using the CQR and artifact matrices. However, with practice, you will be able to work with it through certain practices, intention, intuitive movement and knowing.

There are Wall Matrices as well as Table Top Matrices. Most popular are: the Trainer Matrix, Tantric Matrix, Goddess Matrix. There is a Medicine Wheel Matrix as well as Healer Matrix. They are interactive.

The matrix interactive,  deepens the quality of the life for the user. The Matrix  is for programming and changing the events of your day as it unfolds - by communicating with forces and entities belonging inside the manifested universe for guidance and support, for possibly changing to a different life stream by either accepting and using “what is” or changing to a different “what is”. Anyone can use it.

"I am having some positive results with the Matrix trainer. I have to take time to send in my comments. I have been setting it on my desk at home or at work whenever I have occasion to try to work out a solution to a problem, such as in business meeting or a discussion of domestic issues at home. 

Also, I use it when I am watching the workshops, or discussing work ideas with my friends, The effect is that everyone present has amazing fits of insight. We have breakthroughs in understanding each other, new Ideas come up in the form of flashes of realization, or people will suddenly reach a breakthrough in communication. I see people jump to a higher level of communication, suspending their core negative attitudes and beliefs, begin to cooperate and share ideas, become open to new concepts that they normally would not entertain, even in a weak moment. 

I also like to have it nearby when I am reading. I even have lit the sand candles behind on the bedside table it before I go to sleep. My take is that we may be accessing our PUPS, or some storehouse of seldom accessed data. Or maybe we are accessing some collective consciousness zone. All those slipstream amulets remind me of the wires in a hard drive cable.

This is a helpful apparatus to say the least

NT, Sacramento, Ca.

Table -Top-Altar Matrix
Wall Matrix mounting

These are programmable matrices and work with  askmatrix, as well as special invocations.

The Feng-Shui Wall Matrix Catalog
The Feng-Shui Wall Matrix is a framed spiritual artwork that features 8 capsules containing various artifacts, making a squared circle of stones, coins or other items, surrounding a central CORE Crystal Quantum Radio device (CQR) which draws its power directly from interspatial radio waves generated by the Big Bang and other radio wave sources. No batteries or electrical connection needed, runs forever.
Additional coverage of a space can be achieved by mounting matched units on opposite walls, to create a “wormhole” vortex effect.
Healers can mount two Medicine Wheel units on opposite standing panels, to create a Healing Vortex. Four units can be mounted in the centers of the North, East, South and West walls of a Healing Chamber to produce a stunning Quantum Effect.
  • PROSPERITY MATRIX  Welcome happiness, health, warmth and prosperity into your life.
  • WELLNESS MATRIX Use Natural Forces to provide the aura of “Wellness” in every aspect.
  • SPIRAL MATRIX Copper Spirals surround a powerful CQR to make your life right!
  • ANGEL MATRIX  Contains golden disks inscribed by hand with the Secret Names of 8 Guiding Angels, written in Enochian code.
  • MOTHER MATRIX The perfect environmental touch for that newborn in your home. Makes a wonderful and TOTALLY UNIQUE Baby Shower gift!!!
  • GODDESS MATRIX Why just bring out the Goddess in yourself, when you can BE the Goddess!
  • HARMONY MATRIX Bring Perfect Harmony to your home.
  • PROTECTION MATRIX  Wards off evil influences and psychic intrusions.
  • SLEEP MATRIX Makes your space soft, warm and inviting, perfect for deep, deep sleep.
  • TANTRIC MATRIX Must be “fed” with ritualized sexual energy. Requires performance of very specific acts in very specific ways. NOT for the casual thrill-seeker. A Tantric Rules card comes with the wall unit. Power can be increased by adding wall units and by upgrading the units.
  • MEDICINE WHEEL MATRIX Comes with 8 small stones removed LEGALLY from various important ancient archaeological spiritual locations. You can order a mixture or just one location of artifact.
  • MAGIC PATH — From Gorby’s Zen Garden at The Land.
  • LEE’S ASHRAM 1978    — Given by Mr. Lee to Mr. Gold in 1978 at Alta St.
  • DREW’S ASHRAM — Given by Martin Silverwolf for this purpose.
  • AMERICAS — A combination of artifacts from various ancient sites in North, Central and South America.
  • METEORITE — A sizzling array of cosmic connections, includes a minute sample of rare & expensive Mars Rock.
  • GREEK — A delightful tour of Greek islands, following in the footsteps of the great philosophers, inventors, healers and teachers of the ancient world.
  • ROMAN — Building an Empire? This powerful Matrix could be just the ticket!
  • PARALLEL WORLD — Artifacts from PW L315a brought here by way of the 8th Dimension. Connects real good with other ‘Branes, makes SlipStreaming a whole lot easier. For more info on this go to or .
  • ZEN — The Zen Matrix contains small artifacts from 8 different Zen Temples in Japan, courtesy of Grammy-Winning audio engineer Oz Fritz, who has brought many samples back from world-music jazz concerts worldwide.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Touch of Grey Alien Amulet

Touch of Grey Alien Amulet

Wow, I have just now been made aware of something. We have had a return for this amulet - Touch of Grey Alien - and now the customer is saying that maybe later he'll get it again. Interesting - I wanted to know why the return, did it not work? Frankly, I am a bit skeptical about this seeing and meeting aliens amulet. Anyway: he said it worked fine, but after 4 nights he returned it because it was too much. ...and too many aliens. Most were greys, 4 feet and taller ....and when he finally told them to leave, they did in a flash of light. But still, it was too much and he did not want another night of them visiting. There is more...but I can't go there here, still, I thought this was interesting enough to report. This customer used the amulet at the bedside. I might have order to train yourself to be more present and in control, put the amulet in a special container and magically keep it sealed and only use it when you feel you want to have another encounter. Anyway, we already resold this one as a used amulet to someone who was grateful for the price reduction of this amulet which had been kept in immaculate condition.

 Amulet available here 
(as long as supply lasts)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Slipstream Amulet - a Crystal Quantum Radio Device to change Realities

Slip easily from one life stream into another - to reach the best possible world and outcome from where you are.
This Crystal Quantum Slipstream Amulet  is one of the earliest amulets created by Brane-Power's E.J. Gold. It  facilitates changing realities, changing your life's direction and help in voyaging, something your essential self is meant to do.  This amulet will help you make the best choices for your life and path. Sometimes the resulting shifts in your life or in yourself are quite obvious and manifest with clarity, sometimes they are incredibly subtle. Whether it is changing realities between lives, changing life streams/parallel universes or in dreamwork and dreaming, you are meant to be able move with ease and fluidity between realities, between the many parallel worlds. It is an excellent amulet to learn to move, a  moving facilitator if you will,  to make transitions between and switching into other realities easier, conscious and smoother  - as someone said who is working with this amulet.

During a workshop in November 2011, E.J. Gold reminded those working  with askmatrix, their personal matrix and the beacon/superbeacon, that wearing this amulet on you helps you at any given moment to reach the best possible world from where you were. This is an important point, sometimes you can't just get "there" from "here", however, you will reach the best possible world as your next stop. The Slipstream gives you moment to moment facilitated access to your next nearest best possible world.
Currently, November 2011 and through the holiday season, this amulet is on sale at Yoyodyne Industries

For general information on Brane-Power's CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio Amulets, try this beaconwork page

E.J. Gold's CQR Crystal Quantum Radio devices use vintage 1900s crystal radio technology to calm your busy brain and allow your natural spiritual, psychic and intuitive abilities to come through. Users report interesting results related to creativity, skills, prosperity, lucid dreaming, past lives recall, relationships, parallel worlds, paranormal activity, harmony, relaxation, intelligence, memory, and more.

The Crystal Quantum Radiotm devices Beacontm and Super Beacontm are not intended for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of any disease. They are strictly alpha-theta focusing reinforcement, meditation-assisting aids for spiritual astral travel and expansion of consciousness into the realm of spirit. No voltage of any kind is delivered to the body through the use of this device. Psychic sensitives are advised to proceed slowly as the spiritual effect may be surprisingly potent.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HuDost Power Sufi Amulet - Way of Malamat

Created in September 2011: The HuDost Power Sufi Amulet - available on 11 - 11 - 11 from HuDost

A beautiful  custom amulet for HuDost, an amazing duo with amazing music for amazing spaces. This amulet's  main attributes are: way of service, surrender, obedience to higher will and alignment with the way of blame (malamat). There is a devotion and unwavering quality to it to transcend and serve - live life in service. Truly an amulet of the man or woman of God. Another strong attribute is that of connection - to self, godhead and those you wish to reach, especially audiences. We are all connected - and one. It also helps with flow, creativity, grace, and the embrace of the feminine - or all creation as divine. I would  call it an artist's amulet especially if you are performing and  wishing  to use your art in service of the higher.

You can get this amulet as well as cd from HuDost here.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Programmable Quantum Crystal Table-Top Matix

Fresh from the press, so to speck, here is the Programmable Table Top Matrix, super for use anywhere, but especially in a special chamber or healing room and in your altar work.

To find out more, tune in to the Inner Circle Workshop tomorrow, Saturday October 8, and Sunday click here to the ICW

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brane-Power CQRs when you are in the hospital or sick

Recently I spent many many hours in a tertiary care hospital and had the opportunity to observe a few things. One of them was how to use Brane-Power's Crystal Quantum Amulets in the hospital.

Getting a certain kind of not just physical, but also emotional and spiritual support is very important in the healing process.
First of all, the person in the hospital has been using and feels very connected to the Crystal Quantum Radio devices and has been using them since they became available in 2009 and is aligned with what is becoming more and more clear: that you are able to change into parallel worlds. Like: you can't change the world, but you can change worlds.
So all this time, through all the pain or medication or procedures, there was an awareness about what is important to her and what was communicated as well as respected by the nurses: The amulets are important to me - keep them with me all the time. he amulets working as they do AND providing a connection to the spiritual dimension.
Staples in Scalp
Can it be done to keep the amulets on all the time? Well, here is 1 hint: with central catheters and a drain through the scull to alleviate the blood putting pressure on the brain: is does not work well to keep them around your neck on any chains. Why - because they need to be taken off for tests, so leather chains you put over your head will not work as taking them off would require undoing the tube connections, increasing risk of infection. You definitely do NOT want that. Even the ones on a silver chain had to come off - as it would interfere with some of the radiological tests.

So - How do you keep the amulets with you at all time: with pins, like this:
Quantum Witch and Slip-Stream on a pin

Next: which ones would you want?
  1. 1 - any you want to have there because you feel connected to them and know what they can help you do. 
  2. 2 - The 2 amulets that are especially designed for helping you slip into the parallel world with the best possible outcome are: Quantum Witch and Slipstream amulet.

You can hold on to them at all times when awake, falling asleep holding them and rest knowing they will be there creating and maintaining a field which will help with realigning and healing and "slipping" into the parallel world with the best possible outcome for your situation.
Once you are able to hold on to the grippers of your zone-box or superbeacon - do that.

Listen to what you need to listen to
When possible, you can listen to healing music through headphones. Some of the recorded hapi drum music is really nice. The zone box inductions. Wellness, relaxation and worry were on top of the list for spoken words

Get help with a mantra the big message: take the rowboat ♥ (help is what arrives after you asked for help - or when you ask for help, please don't specify how the help has to be given)
TAKE the help that is there and offered.

If you can write - keep a journal. 

If possible, get your family or friends bring you organic juices and food.

You MUST be extremely careful with using scents and oils as some of the medical staff may literally have an allergy attack - > just don't use them.

Energy - Readings help (Clear Light from the ABD from the appropriate chambers from the Angels Healing Journey)  prayers, sending good energy, healing wishes and visualization through the ethers makes a big difference.

And above all, we give our gratitude

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crystal Quantum Amulet Causes Aura Change

This is an interesting testimonial which came to us April 11, 2011. It shows aura photography of someone before and then while wearing a crystal quantum amulet.While the meaning of any change is subject to interpretation, the aura DID change after putting on the amulet, even though it came unexpected.

“A lady in our town, who runs a small café, has a camera with which she takes “aura photos”.
I had mine taken first without, and then wearing, amulets.
She was surprised to see that it made a difference. She is now
interested in …

Regarding the photos:
I tried to scan the photos to send as attachments, but the change in color isn´t visible in the scanned versions; there´s a subtle gold
color that disappears with the amulets, leaving just white and purple. She interpreted this as an increase in activity of the higher chakras vs. the lower ones.

Regarding the camera:
Since there are different ways that auras are photographed (some of which involve computer generated colors), I should probably describe the camera.
The main camera looks like a box with a glass plate facing the
subject; if there are focusing lenses, they´re hidden from view. The camera has an attachment plugged into it via a cable. This is a box about one inch thick and maybe 4 x 6 inches across. On top of that is a plate large enough for a hand to fit on, with metal sensors all over it. The subject places his left hand on this plate as the picture is taken. After exposure, actual film is pulled out of the camera, just like an old Polaroid. It sits and develops for a few minutes before a protective layer is peeled off and the picture can be seen. (In other words, there is no “computer enhancement” or manipulation of the colors by the operator.)

As I understand it, the process is similar to Kirlian photography,
hence the need for contact with the plate.”


Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Amulet - "Bifur"

Bifur - Attachment Loosener
This started as a custom amulet and is available on special request from yoyodyne-industries
The main purpose of this Crystal Quantum Amulet is  dealing with  attachments, especially to family and relationships.  More specific may be to say - very strong and over-powering attachments to family when faced with a life choice and destiny for a spiritual life and work. This also will help with attachments to conventions and even addictions. It helps with  unhealthy attachment and very  strong attachment.
This amulet is  like an attachment loosener.
The bifucation in the circuit signifies another choice possible, another path possible. Choose the life choices aligned with your spiritual path with strength as well as kindness and compassion. It can affect your life very profoundly.