BeaconWork was founded because of some individuals who experienced and recognized the tremendous opportunity and doorways which open when working with the Crystal Quantum Radio – CQR - Technology from Brane-Power. We created this site to  make the CQR Beacons and Amulets  available to as many people it can reach in this crucial time on our planet.

Based on personal experience with the Beacon and Crystal Radio Amulets as well as listening to many accounts of the effects, BeaconWork was created with the intention to further the accessibility of these devices and explore the many uses of them.

We use information from Brane-Power's yoyodyne, testimonials and personal experience. Keep checking for updates and please send in or comment on how BeaconWork has worked for you, how you are using it the Beacon or Amulets.

BeaconWork - helping you awaken and live your purpose in life - with Quantum Crystal Radio Technology
  • Beacon™ Work - expand your awareness to ALL of YOURSELF for a full Life
  • Amulets - for Co-creative Conscious Manifesting


Aiding the process of your awakening
You can awaken in this lifetime. Often we are feeling, despite all our efforts, still limited and confined to the physical realm, without real experience as Beings.  Some people are awakening spontaneously, others after many years of certain type of spiritual work. The Beacon is a tool which gives an experience of expansion and realization of higher levels -  for many within minutes of holding the crystal grips of the Superbeacon.

Building supportive Community
How can it possibly be that the process of awakening can happen in a vacuum? As humans, we depend on connection, love and intimacy to evolve in certain ways.  It is imperative to create a safe environment where the human spirit is welcome to be and evolve. Those working with the Beacon are on a spiritual path together. We offer guidance on your work with the beacon and other CQR devices if you need it. Join the circle of awakening beings.

It turns out that as of Spring 2014 - the most online active group I know of -  people who have used or are using the Brane-Power Crystal Quantum Radios -  are found here -> (it is facebook)  Prosperity Path  Forum.
Anyone can read comments - to comment or ask questions, I think you join the group. You can also ask questions on the Brane-Power page on facebook.

Working together in a new Way
New strong incoming energies are becoming available on Earth. Consciousness shifts are occurring.  The old, 19 and 20th century ways of the Industrial age no longer work. In this process, the old needs to be outgrown, the dysfunctional fall away (often not without giving a horrendous fight and show of power) to make room for a bigger, deeper YOU which can co-creatively work with others for a common goal beyond the individual ego. Balance needs to be found in the forces of the masculine and feminine. A new way of doing business is dawning.

Creating balance out of our life changes
By this we mean supporting healing where needed, therapy where needed, using other intentional ways to realign your physical, emotional and mental levels with the emerging you, integrating and welcoming the spiritual dimension of you, your essential being.
BeaconWork provides resources you can turn to.

You are an awakening Being. You know it because deep down you heard a call that there was something more, something you are supposed to do. You are spending significant time on your path trying to improve yourself, make this world a better place, do service.
BeaconWork is a Blazing Light meant to be seen from afar. It is about helping you realize your True Nature and manifest our creative gifts and talents and to make your greatest contribution in this world. The world is at a crucial juncture and everyone is needed. If you have felt a calling, if you feel an impulse to evolve yourself,   BeaconWork can help.
Widen your footprint to include all of yourself, across dimensions and parallel worlds - and get to work :)