Friday, June 28, 2013

Amulets for earth harmony, bodhisattva and soulmates

Announcement for upcoming amulets:

The Soul Mate Amulet

Attract the mate of your soul, to live and love the divine love while here in human form. This amulet attunes your vibration to match that of your soul mate and gently induces relaxing of any grasping or unhealthy clinging and tendencies. It facilitates deep cellular breathing and energy flow all the way down and into every cell of your body, lighting them up in radiance, joy and life energy, putting you on course for your life  with profound alignment of your body and soul and purpose of being here. The effect could be likened to something like ringing the bell of your true Being - calling in the one - your soul mate - that rings in resonance.

The BIT - Bodhisattva in Training Amulet.

Some souls are meant to do a certain kind of work. That work is expressed in the bodhisattva vow. If deep down you "know" that that is your path, then this amulet is for you. This amulet will help you get through the trial and tribulations, the many tasks and tests and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, face the incomprehensible suffering, the paradoxes of the manifest/unmanifest world. It will remind & support you  on this path and guide you in your path through deep awakening of your intuition and inner knowing. It helps recognize and develop the awakening of your heart, compassion, patience, letting go, a forgiving nature, relaxation of any expectation, generosity, strength, integrity, wildness, shamanic abilities, musical talents, voyaging abilities, seeing and hearing, willingness to perfect service and to go beyond the ego - to be in this world fully & realized, yet not of it, to be living as oneness while breathing and walking in and as your body - for the benefit of all sentient beings everywhere.

The Earth Harmony Compassion amulet.
Access quantum love and awaken the compassionate heart.

One vehicle to discover, develop, live and deepen your Being's compassion is via the feeling possible through this human form and heart. The true and deep heart of compassion.
This amulet gently,  or possibly suddenly, awakens the feeling compassionate heart who then feels called live on harmony with everyone and all living things,  animals and plants on earth - even in the days of technology. Access and manifest the world in which it really is possible.  Whether you simply love our beautiful world and universe and feel the pain of its destruction in front of your eyes, whether you live to relieve suffering of sentient beings, whether you just love this earthgame and wish it to be preserved or you just have an open aching heart for animals and plants - this amulet is for you. Working from a quantum level to manifest and living in harmony with mother earth and all her creatures - plants, four legged, feathers, scales winded & crawling - life in harmony is possible.

While life on earth is a circle of birth and death and the in betweens and does include pain and suffering, the unimaginable atrocities done to earth and her creatures opens the heart in agony and then there is the love and vision of living in harmony that respects all life forms and honors the natural cycles of life.

This amulet is to infuse the space of your path with gentle beingness, patience, respect for all living things, honoring of life, courage to walk your path, strength to see and hear what is there, willingness to feel the pain, recognition of the divine soul and being in every form, and awaken hearts to compassion for all sentient beings.

This is not and easy path and not for everyone.