Tuesday, February 17, 2015

AMI - The French Drop Amulet

This is Ami. Ami is the name of the French Drop Amulet. Ami is not a new amulet from Brane-Power, it was developed by E.J. Gold back in 2010.
The French Drop Amulet is a Magical Device for practice of entering different dimensions and returning to homeworld. It is to be used invocationally, not to give performances. It is meant to be used with parallel world technology. For those who  would like to practice the French Drop as well as connect to the magic performer persona, or the magician's way,  through the quantum path, using the old crystal radio technology, you might want to give this amulet a try.

Ami is a  Pocket-style amulet -- with no loop for hanging as it is meant to be used in French Drop. The coin-edged bezel is 14k Gold-filled  and it comes with with fine watch crystals. This amulet will tolerate handling ...and some occasional dropping, quite well. However, dropping on hard surfaces is not advised! It can break.

Why do I even mention dropping ...because it is meant to be used in a practice that involves the French Drop :), and unless you are already perfect at the mechanics of it and just want to open up and widen your conscious footprint with connection to magic and the magician persona through quantum entanglement - you might drop the "French Drop" a few times.

In case you wonder how it is done in the first place  - the French Drop -  the secret is given in this video. (DVD for sale).  You can read about the 10 commandments of magic here.

What does all this have to do with anything? Since we are on the path of transformation & awakening, you might find this interesting "Magic in the Mirror" and  "Magic as a Transformational Tool".

Or check out this page on bardotraining on magic and transformation

"Magic" is used for
  • laughter, the best medicine
  • as a way of service
  • instill a sense of wonder
  • change realities