Monday, March 26, 2012

Dimensional Shifter - Brane-Power Amulet new 2012

The Dimensional Shifter is the first new amulet in 2012 for the Brane-Power offerings of amulets for consciousness evolution and embodiment. The amulet is said to work on very subtle levels to facilitate shifting dimensions and morphologies. It is beyond slipping into the parallel world life-stream with the best possible outcome for you or making astral travel easier. This amulet’s quantum tuning effect helps gain access to entirely different dimensions, not all of which will use organic physical bodies & you very well might find yourself in other than human “bodies”, physical or auric. Very helpful to gain access to inter-dimensional voyaging fluidity and lifting the veil of ignorance. Voyaging in this manner, inevitably, will lead to traversing, or exposure to, the spheres outside this Universe, which means exposure to cleansing radiations – which lifts the veil of ignorance.  Despite what might be unusual “otherworldly” experiences which can occur when working with this amulet – it nonetheless has very smooth transitions.Transparency, clarity, a call to higher service, auspicious rebirth, telepathy, openness, falling away of human-egoic habits are only some of the effects you might experience when working with this amulet. Any practical knowledge or skills gained through this process is employed for the highest good of all.
The use of the coil with the electrolytic capacitor necessitates the high dome acrylic crystals for this amulet.
That was the report for this new “Dimensional Shifter” amulet.
Good voyaging
You can get the Dimensional Shifter Amulet from brane-power or yoyodyneindustries by using the contact form or calling 530-271-2239 (leave message with clear phone-number if folks are not at the phone, they’ll call back)