Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Psycho Jammer Crystal Quantum Amulet

If you are plagued by recurrent bad memories, thoughts or visuals and they are keeping you from living fully here and now, then this new Crystal Quantum amulet in October 2013 might be for you.
As a response to a need from several people asking for help this amulet is E.J.'s answer to the getting crammed with bad thoughts and energies and works on the scatter principle.

Psycho Jammer - a new CQR amulet  in October 2013

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As E.J. Gold stated in the Inner Circle workshop on October 26, 2013: "The intention of the Psycho Jammer is not to block,  but scatter unwanted mental, emotional and spiritual energies."
It does not matter if the energy or thoughts originate from you or others, it works both directions. Just like radio jamming - it brakes up a signal, diffuses, disperses, absorbs and redirects - it  scatters.
Other words that can describe the effect would be to neutralize, dissolve or  render unreadable.

Are there other effects this amulet has? As with all Crystal Quantum amulets, that is of course entirely possible and depends on your particular energy field, intention and need - and then of course, not helplessly having to re-live those thoughts, feelings or being jammed with unwanted intrusive psychic energies - may just lead to a whole different life.

If you are interested, please call the Brane-Power crew at 530, 271, 2239 - or you can use the contact form on the Brane-power website. 

Right now, the amulet is on the intro-sale :)