Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HuDost Power Sufi Amulet - Way of Malamat

Created in September 2011: The HuDost Power Sufi Amulet - available on 11 - 11 - 11 from HuDost

A beautiful  custom amulet for HuDost, an amazing duo with amazing music for amazing spaces. This amulet's  main attributes are: way of service, surrender, obedience to higher will and alignment with the way of blame (malamat). There is a devotion and unwavering quality to it to transcend and serve - live life in service. Truly an amulet of the man or woman of God. Another strong attribute is that of connection - to self, godhead and those you wish to reach, especially audiences. We are all connected - and one. It also helps with flow, creativity, grace, and the embrace of the feminine - or all creation as divine. I would  call it an artist's amulet especially if you are performing and  wishing  to use your art in service of the higher.

You can get this amulet as well as cd from HuDost here.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Programmable Quantum Crystal Table-Top Matix

Fresh from the press, so to speck, here is the Programmable Table Top Matrix, super for use anywhere, but especially in a special chamber or healing room and in your altar work.

To find out more, tune in to the Inner Circle Workshop tomorrow, Saturday October 8, and Sunday click here to the ICW