Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ask Matrix Guidance - Quantum Crystal Radio

Ask Matrix - wow

Need help with decisions in your daily life? Want guidance from higher or angelic entities? Want to find your life's purpose?  ASK MATRIX
Tap into the deepest Matrix out of which everything flows - through the use of Quantum Crystal radio - (CQR) Matrices and Ask Matrix questions.

CQR Matrices are interactive,  innovative devices for life guidance, direction and transformation 

Intention means everything. Make sure your intention is clear and unblemished in your life choices. Not sure you can weed out your unconscious and not always pure motives? -  ASK MATRIX on

Adding programmable Beta blocker Arrays to pull in what is uniquely and deeply relevant to your being, your path and life's deepest purpose expands your usage of the Matrix enormously. ASK MATRIX on

The really, imho, revolutionary thing about this is: YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR META-PROGRAMMING. You can reach through the limits and belief systems or conditioning … accessing your expanded awareness and consciousness. You can quantum wormhole travel. It starts with asking Matrix for guidance, using the CQR and artifact matrices. However, with practice, you will be able to work with it through certain practices, intention, intuitive movement and knowing.

There are Wall Matrices as well as Table Top Matrices. Most popular are: the Trainer Matrix, Tantric Matrix, Goddess Matrix. There is a Medicine Wheel Matrix as well as Healer Matrix. They are interactive.

The matrix interactive,  deepens the quality of the life for the user. The Matrix  is for programming and changing the events of your day as it unfolds - by communicating with forces and entities belonging inside the manifested universe for guidance and support, for possibly changing to a different life stream by either accepting and using “what is” or changing to a different “what is”. Anyone can use it.

"I am having some positive results with the Matrix trainer. I have to take time to send in my comments. I have been setting it on my desk at home or at work whenever I have occasion to try to work out a solution to a problem, such as in business meeting or a discussion of domestic issues at home. 

Also, I use it when I am watching the workshops, or discussing work ideas with my friends, The effect is that everyone present has amazing fits of insight. We have breakthroughs in understanding each other, new Ideas come up in the form of flashes of realization, or people will suddenly reach a breakthrough in communication. I see people jump to a higher level of communication, suspending their core negative attitudes and beliefs, begin to cooperate and share ideas, become open to new concepts that they normally would not entertain, even in a weak moment. 

I also like to have it nearby when I am reading. I even have lit the sand candles behind on the bedside table it before I go to sleep. My take is that we may be accessing our PUPS, or some storehouse of seldom accessed data. Or maybe we are accessing some collective consciousness zone. All those slipstream amulets remind me of the wires in a hard drive cable.

This is a helpful apparatus to say the least

NT, Sacramento, Ca.

Table -Top-Altar Matrix
Wall Matrix mounting

These are programmable matrices and work with  askmatrix, as well as special invocations.

The Feng-Shui Wall Matrix Catalog
The Feng-Shui Wall Matrix is a framed spiritual artwork that features 8 capsules containing various artifacts, making a squared circle of stones, coins or other items, surrounding a central CORE Crystal Quantum Radio device (CQR) which draws its power directly from interspatial radio waves generated by the Big Bang and other radio wave sources. No batteries or electrical connection needed, runs forever.
Additional coverage of a space can be achieved by mounting matched units on opposite walls, to create a “wormhole” vortex effect.
Healers can mount two Medicine Wheel units on opposite standing panels, to create a Healing Vortex. Four units can be mounted in the centers of the North, East, South and West walls of a Healing Chamber to produce a stunning Quantum Effect.
  • PROSPERITY MATRIX  Welcome happiness, health, warmth and prosperity into your life.
  • WELLNESS MATRIX Use Natural Forces to provide the aura of “Wellness” in every aspect.
  • SPIRAL MATRIX Copper Spirals surround a powerful CQR to make your life right!
  • ANGEL MATRIX  Contains golden disks inscribed by hand with the Secret Names of 8 Guiding Angels, written in Enochian code.
  • MOTHER MATRIX The perfect environmental touch for that newborn in your home. Makes a wonderful and TOTALLY UNIQUE Baby Shower gift!!!
  • GODDESS MATRIX Why just bring out the Goddess in yourself, when you can BE the Goddess!
  • HARMONY MATRIX Bring Perfect Harmony to your home.
  • PROTECTION MATRIX  Wards off evil influences and psychic intrusions.
  • SLEEP MATRIX Makes your space soft, warm and inviting, perfect for deep, deep sleep.
  • TANTRIC MATRIX Must be “fed” with ritualized sexual energy. Requires performance of very specific acts in very specific ways. NOT for the casual thrill-seeker. A Tantric Rules card comes with the wall unit. Power can be increased by adding wall units and by upgrading the units.
  • MEDICINE WHEEL MATRIX Comes with 8 small stones removed LEGALLY from various important ancient archaeological spiritual locations. You can order a mixture or just one location of artifact.
  • MAGIC PATH — From Gorby’s Zen Garden at The Land.
  • LEE’S ASHRAM 1978    — Given by Mr. Lee to Mr. Gold in 1978 at Alta St.
  • DREW’S ASHRAM — Given by Martin Silverwolf for this purpose.
  • AMERICAS — A combination of artifacts from various ancient sites in North, Central and South America.
  • METEORITE — A sizzling array of cosmic connections, includes a minute sample of rare & expensive Mars Rock.
  • GREEK — A delightful tour of Greek islands, following in the footsteps of the great philosophers, inventors, healers and teachers of the ancient world.
  • ROMAN — Building an Empire? This powerful Matrix could be just the ticket!
  • PARALLEL WORLD — Artifacts from PW L315a brought here by way of the 8th Dimension. Connects real good with other ‘Branes, makes SlipStreaming a whole lot easier. For more info on this go to or .
  • ZEN — The Zen Matrix contains small artifacts from 8 different Zen Temples in Japan, courtesy of Grammy-Winning audio engineer Oz Fritz, who has brought many samples back from world-music jazz concerts worldwide.