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TESTIMONIALS: Authentic, Verifiable ... Real people just like you!
People love their spirit radios! Experiences attributed by users to these spiritual devices include better rest, calmness, clarity, reduced conflict, access to parallel universes, recalling past lives .... What do YOU think? 

With these Crystal Quantum Radio amulets, reality shifts and life changes can happen quickly and in profound ways. Here is part of a testimonial that just came in yesterday (July 19, 2010) - a total surprise: About the Prosperity Amulet: "The Prosperity Amulet has worked in ways that I had no idea it would  work. It a tremendous thing for me. It has been a Life Saver.
Thank you." KA.

You guys seem like a very people oriented company, nice to have in Dark Times.
-- Marc C., Canada  

Thank you again for the most amazing products out there from someone who has tried everything on the market.
-- Dennis B., New Jersey  

"The Beacon rocks!"
-- "Steady Eddie", Dublin & Vancouver  

"I tried a Beacon strap and my third eye opened. It turned into a line and then it exploded in a tie- die pattern when the CD said stop. It was ultra-soothing and comfortable. I felt like I had slept for hours. Many thanks."
-- Cynda, Grass Valley, CA

"I am in the belief that the beta-blocker amulets work in accordance with your intentions.
"Example, you decide to be more Prosperous. You decide to obtain a Prosperity Amulet to assist you in actualizing this intention. The ordering, purchasing and aquiring of the amulet, I believe, work in synergy to strengthen your intention to live a prosperous life. You receive your amulet in the mail. Wow! Thread it with your chain or chord and place it around your neck. This is the magical ceremony that opens the door to a multitude of prosperous probabilites. Prosperities imagined and beyond.
"The amulet represents your intention to allow prosperity to enter into your life. Now your only job is to notice your life with all the love and attention you could muster.
"The Prosperity Amulet may be for many a solution to a problem, an answer to a prayer or just a pal to chum around with. The crystal radio in the Prosperity is alive, by definition, a crystal is sentient.
"Did the amulet come into existence because you wanted it or do you want it because it's here. The chicken or the egg? 6 of one -- half a dozen of another.
"I believe intentions have brought the Beta-Blockers into existence, into your very hands.
"Your amulet arrives! You put it on. You are always aware of it even if it is only in some small way. If you have forgotten it by your bedside or in the shower, don't you, if you can, go get it right away and put it back on? Many folks tell me they do this. I know I do!
"I ask myself every night, in which ways was I Prosperous today? I am still always amazed at how long the list always turns out to be."
-- Y.G., Grass Valley, CA  

I started to do the levels in January and keep doing them almost every day. I quite like the time with the Beacon. I also use the Zone Box inductions as I need them. The Lucid Dreaming CD helped me to gain more control in my dreams. A few times I woke myself up when the dream was disturbing and somehow I knew that what I heard in the dream was not true! I am using the Wellness CD a lot now that I have some health issues, and it is helping me to feel good and energetic. I hear myself laugh more, crack more jokes ... I even occasionally invent a joke. Many of the things that used to seriously bother me don't seem to bother me. I am more focused on my vision. I am able to manifest more, and recently attracted new friends who seem more compatible with me. I am more adventurous: I did two openings for my retrospective art show and also played piano in public, and sang my own songs ... and received very good feedback. It feels as if I am discovering more of myself every day, also how I sabotage myself. I live a very full life now (as if in a somewhat higher gear) and I know that I still have some barriers to go through. One day, right after Beacon I did my soprano practice and, these days I always have to transpose my Italian songs some 2 tones down to be able to sing the high notes. This time I forgot to transpose and I just sang; my voice was full, soft, high as it used to be before, even nicer, more mature. Only later I noticed that I did not tranpose ... for me this was a straight miracle! There are other things, more subtle .... Anyway, it helps me to stay more focused, tranquil. I also keep wearing my amulets. Thank you for these tools! Oh, and I seem to be able to be more useful to others to support them in healing or discovery or just fun. My love to all of you at YoyodyneIndustries.
-- Z.T., British Columbia  

Everything is going great at the moment, have had a lot of fun with the other amulets I bought from you, really looking forward to receive the Love Amulet as well :-)
-- Marissa K., Omaha, NE  

Gosh, I should buy stock in your company.
-- D.B., Baltimore, MD  

One of the things I love about the inductions is that they don't take a lot of time. A lot of technologies take about 45 minutes every day. These inductions are about 10 minutes and they are incredible.
-- Lisa, Reno, NV  

I had a headache just last night and I used my amulets to get rid of it, and it worked. It works every time, much more effective than taking medication for it. This what I do: I lie down on the sofa or bed and place my amulet right on the spot of my headache that feels the worst. I lay quiet and close my eyes and empty my mind of all thought. I allow the amulet to work its magic. The Prosperity Amulet is the one that I place directly on the pain. Within half an hour, I notice a considerable difference ... usually within one hour, the headache is completely gone. It works very well for me ... and I get migraines!!! I also place my Love Amulet and the Spiral on my head with the Prosperity in the middle. Somehow it all works together, however, if I had to choose one it would definitely be the Prosperity. I hope this can help someone else. Headaches are very debilitating and sometimes very difficult to get rid of. I used to have to go to the emergency room and get a shot that would knock me out for a day and a half!!! With my Amulets I am saving a zillion on medical bills!!!
-- Star-Ananda, Long Beach, CA  

My girlfriend has been noticing how calming the Double Black is. She had to do a lot of running around today and said it really helped her stay calm, slowed her mind down and not feel stressed.
-- Se D., Vancouver, BC 

I know that feeling of having moved into another universe, avoiding disaster. A fascinating device that can assist someone in doing that intentionally!
-- Grant A., NYC  

The 'Classic' beta blocker amulet that I ordered has changed my dream life completely.
-- James B., Santa Cruz, CA  

After the Beacon™ I felt euphoric. It is fantastic and I am getting one for me and my family!
-- Jane P., Portland, OR  

A heightened state of awareness in just minutes. Totally relaxed, more than when I lie down to go to sleep. Deep, deep relaxation and then when it was over I was full of energy and imagination. I am an artist and I also write, so relaxation and imagination are really important to me. I found the Beacon™ to have an amazing effect on me, better than anything else I have tried.
-- Susan E., Aspen, CO  

In all the years that we have been playing in the fields of evolution, we have never seen devices like these. Absolutely everyone who puts one on feels it and wants one. Pretty awesome.
-- Jan H., Santa Clara, CA 

I had a dream long ago, of the soul kind, about a protection from thoughtforms that lack truth. For some reason, I believe this is it, although in the dream it was put in my hair and was green and blue. Those dreams always come true. Blessings.
-- Debra M., Mt. Shasta, CA  

My third eye buzzes unstoppingly when I put the El Brujo amulet on.
-- Sheila C., Riverside, CA  

I never particularly noticed my amulet until it was gone and then I really felt its absence. I had to get a new one immediately.
-- Bob T., Grass Valley, CA  

After wearing my beta blocker for a while I noticed that I was feeling like my old self, and to me that meant I was beginning to feel like when I was thirty, which was a fairly long time ago. I lost a lot of the stuff that was weighing me down in recent years. I have given beta blockers to all of my children and all of my close friends. They are a real gift in this time of such great need.
-- S.D. Dublin, Ireland 

These beta-blockers and Beacon are great devices in bringing one right into the psychic /intuitive frequency.
-- S.B., Patterson, NJ  

My prosperity amulet arrived this afternoon. I put it on and was writing a little thank you email to you guys when I got a call telling me that my father's estate has a check for me in the amount of $150,000!
I had been wearing the amulet for maybe eight minutes!!! We, like so many people these days, have been really struggling to make ends meet. We were even wondering if we would have to sell our home. I borrowed money to buy the Beacon.
-- M.L., Orange County, CA  

Since wearing my betablocker, I am happier, more alert, I think and feel more positive. I have even experienced glimpses of parallel worlds. No migraines!
-- S.M., Long Beach, CA

 To me, just an ordinary person, the most basic stuff going on about the beta blockers is creativity, God, It, the Being ... that's the bottom line. So when you're wearing it, even having thoughts about it, you get into that space of Creation, the potency of it, the beauty of it, the exploration. It's the door. You're opening up that mysterious place where you can contribute to the Universe. It's a reminder, a support that you can go there. It's a reminder of Creation itself. Some invisible hand is touching you saying Yes ... the Beta is all about "No" and the Beta Blocker is all about "Yes."
-- Beverly, Penn Valley, CA This is becoming somewhat of a ritual ... I unlatch the BB Ammy from it's alligator-clip holder and hand it to the woman. I ask her if she knows what it is. I find most people do not recognize what the components are, but they are mesmerized nonetheless. Some will recognize a part or two. When I tell them it is a working crystal radio, the first light goes on. When I tell about the 7.8 Hz special Beta Blocking tuning for Alpha-Theta wave meditational or psychic work, the second light goes on. Then they ask "Does it work?" After I tell of the "coincidental" events that occurred within days of wearing the Amulet, all the lights go on! 
-- R.C., Nelson, British Columbia

My experience of the beta blocker is finding I sleep much deeper and have extremely vivid dreams. I don't have to use any sleeping medicine, which is really fantastic. I've always had a problem falling asleep and I tend to wake up throughout the night. As soon as I lie down I fall immediately asleep. This is wonderful because deep rest for me is so vital.
-- R.K., Grass Valley, CA  

Bo was very talkative this evening in praise of the Twin Turbo. He was telling me how it's much easier for him at work now. There are so many people coming in to the deli where he works that have issues and looking for conflict that he was having a hard time not being sarcastic with them. Now he just smiles and doesn't give them anything to fight with. He looks a lot calmer in himself. He's a walking advertisement for the beta blocker.
-- S.D., Vancouver  

I just wanted to let you know that I received the Black Diode Ammy 2 weeks ago, and I have been using it every day since then, with incredible results! Being a Theta Healing Practioner, using mostly theta and delta brainwaves through a meditational technique, I have found that whenever I wear the Black Diode Ammy, my connection with the Divine is crystal clear, which is a huge bonus and advantage.
-- B.N., Norway  

I've had my desk top beta-blocker for only 5 days and I can feel the difference. Talk about taking the sweat out of expanding one's consciousness. Wow! Gotta try it to believe it. This is the breakthrough we've ALL been waiting for. These devices are the real deal. No longer are we trapped in this single life-time dimensional experience. E.J.'s transformational work has hit a whole new level. Take advantage of this opportunity NOW. Gotta love it.
-- SHAWN, New Jersey 

 I used to irritate my boss -- we have bad chemistry, or something .... so I always "tiptoe" around him and am very careful not to say the wrong thing, etc., etc. Well, the first day I wore my Beta Blocker Ammy: surprise, surprise. It was all harmony and I was all of a sudden his best employee and getting praise. I don't know if it was me or him or what but whatever! it works for me. Thank you, Yoyodyne
-- ANN, Grass Valley, CA  

I haven't been able to rest well during the night, tossing and turning, worrying about stuff. When I got my Beta Blocker Amulet, I wore it to bed and that night, I had the best rest I had had in months AND as to the things I had been worried about, I woke up with solutions to all three of the problems.
-- L.M., Nevada City, CA 

  The Board meeting was about half over when I realized that we had been unusually cooperative, pleasant, non-argumentative, and that we were experiencing a high and unprecedented level of clarity in reaching our decisions ... and then I saw the beta blocker I had placed on the side table. Thank you, Yoyodyne Industries !
-- TAMARA M., Pennsylvania  

After the Beacon Session I felt completely relaxed, refreshed and renewed, and happy. I felt that my whole consciousness had been expanded and there is a new dimension available in me now. My energy is excellent, 4 hours after the session - I'm feeling more vibrant and stronger than before the session. My outlook is more positive and flexible and I look forward to the rest of the day. Optimistic and fluid would describe my new mood and more confident than usual. Thank you!
-- L.N., Penn Valley, CA  

You know wearing and working with my beta blocker ammy is a real experience of working with a living being that appears to be an inanimate object, this ammy may look like a grouping of different parts and components but i know and experience it to be a real friend and work buddy, we have an expanding relationship...i am very grateful to this small work buddy that ej brought into being...i feel our energies blend more and more each day and i always notice her absence...this is not wearing a piece of jewelry, it is a friendship with a living, growing, electrical buddy...report finished...

It isn't every day you can go into a shop on a break from work or shopping for 15 - 20 minutes and sit quietly tuning in to an astral travel adventure that changes your emotional state, your mental state and your cellular composition and leaves you feeling like you've just been dancing among the stars.
Well, that's what happened to me this morning when I stopped at the Brane-Power® Center for my Second Induction training. I still feel the transcendent waves of bliss that are moving through me. I can't explain it -- it seems to be the natural outcome of a very simple process of holding on to two crystal grips connected to the Beacon Strapper and listening to a taped CD of a voice suggesting deep relaxation (ahh, you mean I can just totally let go and relax?). The voice describes being in a space in a parallel universe where I can receive something important to my essential self. This is powerful stuff!
I think it's rubbing off on people around me -- everyone seems terribly happy today. I can travel to a parallel world in minutes instead of waiting for enlightenment to penetrate through my thick karmic skin. Hope is just around the corner!
-- L.N., Penn Valley, CA  

I had an appointment today with a couple. It was an amazing experience having the beta-blocker within "listening range". They were "very set" about what they wanted, but as the appointment proceeded, the woman's facial muscles completely relaxed and she looked utterly youthful. Her face glowed pink with energy. The man became increasingly more playful and giggly. The appointment concluded at precisely the time I needed to do something else :) and during the course of it, they switched from being rigid to being totally receptive to my suggestions.
-- K.D., Tucson, AZ  

Yesterday I walked into a store wearing both my Prosperity Beta Blocker and my Double Black Diode/Prosperity Beta Blocker amulets ... okay, so I was heavily armed ...
I walked past the register toward my destination. I could hear the cashier calling out "Wait ... wait ... come back ... wait ... turn around ...." I did turn around just to see if I could help her out with getting the attention of the person she was calling after .... Yes, you guessed it, it was me!
She said, "Come here ... what is that?" The rest is history ... except that this lady is 84 years old. She was very excited by what she saw and how she saw it I don't know ... I walked fairly quickly past her and, I mean, 84 year old eyes .... Wow!
-- Y.G., Grass Valley, CA  

While driving from a practice space, I recognized a certain state of being. Then I felt myself move my hand up to my chest where the amulet often hangs. No ... no amulet ... hmmm. So through repeated exposure with the imbued amulet, I discovered something: I fell into / voyaged back to / found my way back to the space often existing during the use of the Beta Blocker amulet. As I continued down Inglewood Blvd. to my apartment, a feeling of gratitude and a desire to share my experience popped up. This may be very useful. Now can I do it concsiously?
This was an important discovery to me.
-- M.S., Claremont, CA  

The prosperity amulet is working in profound ways. I had been working night and day to come up with sufficient funds to prevent losing my home of 28 years in a tax sale if the outstanding property and school taxes were not paid. Paying them in addition to the mortgage I pay has been extremely difficult since my husband died last year. I wasn't sure I was going to come up with enough money doing the hospice and eldercare work I now do. I called today to find out how short I was going to be, and it turns out that the school tax had somehow been paid. I have no record of that. Now I can fully pay the property tax, and my home has been spared from tax sale. Thanks!
-- B.L.M., Honesdale, PA  

My amulet is very interesting and my mind has become very relaxed and my intuition is much more accessible.
-- D.T., Santa Fe  

When I first picked up the grips to the Beacon, it presented the palms of my hands with force from both the crystals and the coil. I could feel it coming from both. Then there was a jolt in the palms of both my hands near the base, up my arms, a flood of nervous energy across my chest, not just simple tingling. Then my solar plexus expanded with great sensitive energy and on to the pelvic furnace, wham, down my legs all the way to the skin on the ends of my toes. Then I noticed my head at the base of my skull was full of energy as well as the back of my head and then I felt it move around my temples, through the center of my head, forehead and into the crown. It was then that I realized that I was CHARGED ....
-- S.E., Sacramento 

I had a great Beta Blocker experience at the chiropractor's today. I wore the Black Diode Ammy and showed it to the doctor. I told him about the good fortune I had within days of wearing it, and that I created a great new job making animated wire-formed dragonflies because of it. We ended up talking most of the visit. He was excited and suddenly offered to exchange the next chiropractor visit ,"or two", for one of my dragonfly pieces, sight unseen!!
The transaction was effortless, and I left the office feeling far better than normal from the chiro adjustment.
-- R.C., Nelson, BC, Canada  

The connection with that new dimension provides a kind of support system that helps me focus attention and keeps me present at a high level, like a guidance system. It is there whenever I am quiet enough to receive its influence.
-- C.M., Penn Valley, CA  

There seems to be a cumulative effect of enriching the relationship between the dream body and the gross physical body, in line with my intent.
E.P., Riverside, CA  

Just spoke to R. He said his girlfriend, U., loves the Beta Blocker! She uses his to meditate and she says it make a huge difference!
-- Y.G., Grass Valley, CA  

Thanks, E.J., for keeping us all up to date on your findings. I've been following you on this discovery track you've been on since the beginning and it's fascinating. I got the desk top model yesterday. Thank you. I move it around to wherever I am (within reason).
I must say that in the past little while, I seem to have become a lot looser in my general demeanor (and inner state). I don't seem to be taking things as 'serious' as before. Though I'm remembering to be responsible.
I also notice that I have been having fun at my job driving a school bus ... and I'm more and more picking up on the headspace of the kids I drive (ages 5, 6, 7). Good for all of us.
-- S.D., Vancouver  

Thank you so much E.J. for your kindness. I will certainly put this invention of yours to good use. I must say your Beta-Blocker, Brane-Power®, Parallel Universe Personae, and Training will undoubtedly be of value to a lot of others from ALL disciplines. Most importantly you have made this Work accessible to everyone. You really hit the ball out of the park on this one E.J. I've been waiting a long time for someone to do that.
-- S.B., Tarrytown, NY 

I have been doing a specific chi gong meditation for three years. Now when I wear my beta blocker amulet, I find a calm, clear focus which allows me to "see", rather than wander, obsess, imagine, drool or otherwise beta-ramble. The difference is unmistakable.
-- L.S., Marin County, CA  

It's still amazing to me to discover that the Beta Blocker has so many parallel lives in other dimensions we can't see. Like many animals that have far superior senses than humans do, this little radio can hear and see such a vast variety of things ....
Besides all of the above, the BB and BD ammy have made quite a difference in my life. I find myself in interesting states, getting flashes of insight and connectedness, and having a better appreciation of what I need to work on myself to continue on the path.
-- R.C., British Columbia  

Wow! I have been feeling the effects from the Beta Blocker; it seems to have cracked the door into other dimensions. When I close my eyes, there is more "psychic activity" and less "mental chatter". With the extra edge of attention, a trip to town really is a trip!
-- R.C., British Columbia  

C. called today ... A. (his wife) had a great sleep last night and woke up feeling really good. She wore her beta blocker to bed. She wrote today to ask about wearing it in the shower ... guess she didn't want to take it off.
-- Y.G., Grass Valley, CA  

This morning, after arising and moving through ALL the Monday mornings' routine, sometime before arriving at my job, I woke up ....... I mean, "I WOKE UP !" Rather, I came back to myself. It did not come accompanied by any "Mystical State," nor was there any warning. One moment I was off, and the next moment I was on. I was quite aghast at the situation ..... A lot has happened since the last time I had allowed myself to fall asleep.
Target the exact brainwave frequency (7.8 cps) and a device (The Beta-Blocker) to stabilize you there, in the center of the Schumann Resonance field (the vibration in which the genuine "self" is present), and you got something there!
I am most grateful to IDHHB, YoYo Dyne Industries, Brane- power.com, for making available what I've been tracking down my whole life. Thanks a Million !
-- S.B., New Jersey  

E.J., Thank you for this marvelous product (bought a twin phase amulet from Se). I do wear it all the time and found out that I get a restful night's sleep and during the day I feel very calm and relaxed. It seems to suppress anger, aggression and ego. I think kinder and gentler thoughts. Thanks again.
-- B.W.L., Vancouver, British Columbia  

Yesterday I noticed my neighbor had left 7 pair of shoes untidily arranged outside his apartment door which I had to pass everytime I entered or left my apartment. He has been doing this for some time now, but I noticed that it was beginning to grate on me that I had to pass this eyesore every day at least once or twice. I began to think about whether I should talk to him about it, risking some type of confrontation, or just report it to the management as a nuisance. I went to bed and had a dream where I talked to him about the issue. This morning as I left my apartment, I noticed the number of pairs of shoes had reduced itself to 4 and that they were neatly arranged.
Oh well, another case of coincidence or ???
-- M.P., Baltimore, MD  

A couple of weeks ago, a person suggested to me that they could get me a good engineering job in a factory in Kuwait. Being allergic to oil, I did not think this was a good idea, but was thankful for the offer.
Day before yesterday's testimonial: Went into the auto parts store to pick up parts. I showed the Beta Blocker Amulet to the girl who works behind the counter. They know me as being a little eccentric already. She was right into it, then the other counterperson came over. When I talk about brainwaves everyone nods their heads like it's common knowledge. They gawk with approval at this new use of old technology, while their customers are waiting. They want the website, which I scribble down for their later perusal.
Yesterdays testimonial: Through YouTube, a connection was made with someone who was interested in supporting me in India, while we co-develop Tesla technology. A tempting offer, but I declined. I don't travel well in Earth vehicles anymore. We will remain in contact.
Today's testimonial: Today I went into a store called the "Great Little Box Company" to find appropriate boxes to send out orders from my last Beta Blocker "Prosperity" binge. As I was looking at boxes and asking the woman about prices and sizes, she suddenly blurted out, "But I'd really want to know about that ..." and points to the Beta Blocker Amulet hanging off my neck.
But I digress. The box company clerk really likes the amulet. I tell her about basic beta blocking and how it really seemed to work for prosperity. So it comes time to pay for the boxes, and she suggests some packing tape with a dispenser gun...a good deal at $5.95. I said yes. She went to tally it up, but then said, "Oh dear it looks like the price has gone up on the tape dispenser..." She hesitated for a moment, then whispered, "Here, I will give it to you for the old price", and did a manual discount at the till. I pointed to the amulet and said "See...it's working!" she agreed, and we both had a great laugh!!
-- R.C., Nelson, British Columbia  

I came home from work, showered up, and placed my beta-blocker on the table right beside my recliner. Then I just closed my eyes and relaxed. Very quickly I entered into very relaxed state although I did not drift off to sleep. I felt as if I could've easily drifted off into a nap, however I remained conscious. I remained in this state, mentally inactive but aware. At one point I caught a glimpse of a subtle vista open for a few moments and then just back to a state in which I was just relaxed and aware. The "rest" lasted an hour and a half or so. When I decided to get up, I opened my eyes and felt as if I had come out of a deep meditation without counting myself out first. The feeling you get when you rush out of a deeply self-induced meditation.
An hour or so later I was fixing the sub-woofer on my surround-sound and complaining to my wife the whole time. After I succeeded in the repair, my wife commented that she was impressed with the way I controlled my emotion during the repair. I was surprised at her observation but realized she was being objective in her comment because who knows better than my wife that I can be a nut case sometimes! And there sat my beta-blocker right in the middle of our 9 by 11 living room. Hmmm . . . .
-- SHAWN, New Jersey