Wednesday, September 5, 2012

French Drop Amulet - magic transforms a life - wow

This lady came to us recently via the Prosperity Path. She totally went by feel, what she was drawn to - in choosing her amulet, her first and only. Here is her amazing report that came in today:
To Mr. Gold, and Yanesh, and the Prosperity Path Team:

    While others seem invigorated by group interaction, it has always terrified and exhausted me.  But when an event I had been dreading for weeks arrived, I found myself – under the effects of my new amulet – easily able to navigate the whirling vortices of strangers and small-talk without feeling depleted at all, fully present and with energy to spare.
    I would have gladly undergone brain surgery to alter this life-long handicap, if I had been able to find someone with the know-how.
    My husband keeps remarking on the spike in my productivity, so I don’t think I’ll be able to keep the amulet a secret much longer, but for me the very best part is this:  I feel exactly like a girl who has just fallen in love.

    From my deepest heart, thank you for giving me this new life.