Brane-Power CQR Quantum Crystal Radio Amulets 

Super Energetic Generators for Quantum Mechanical Auxciliary Effects, these wearable Germanium Crystal Radio Amulets work on subtle levels to shift your brain wave patterns and consciousness.  Instant state changes are possible,  allowing to experience yourself as more than just your body - sometimes you'll notice shifts over the course of a few weeks, yet, you always stay in the driver's seat: these amulets do require your cooperation to step through the portals they open.

These amulets are also called "beta blockers" for their observed quality to drop out of beta brain wave states into the alpha, delta and theta waves. This facilitates all kinds of non-ordinary experiences.
Access your creativity, intuition, psychic abilities, higher beings, guidance, restoration, well-being, happiness, prosperity, higher intelligence, love, paranormal sensing, angelic dimensions, integrate higher knowing to manifest in your life - with a Brane-Power Amulet.

One of the best ways to choose which amulet is for you is to relax and notice which one you feel drawn to. 
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The changes as a result of working with the amulet and allowing the process can be instant or gradually unfolding in your life. 
Everyone is unique, all our paths are unique. Many amulets are designed with a specific focus - yet what actually happens for YOU and how you use your amulet will depend on your particular Being and path.  

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Helpful hints on caring for your Brane-Power Amulet
Caring for your CQR Amulet!

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An anecdote that attests well to the quantum nature of the amulets:
This is a short story about what a German physicist said upon seeing a Brane-Power amulet for the first time.
A friend of ours, Matthias,  went to Germany last
year to visit family. He was wearing a Brane-Power amulet. According to him, he never had mentioned anything about the amulets to his brother.

When they met, his brother saw the amulet and said this:
Ah, ein superenergetischer Generator für quantum-mechanische Hilfseffecte
= a superenergetic generator for quantum mechanical auxiliary effects.

Wow, Matthias was duly impressed - so was I.
Interesting that this physicist wished not to be identified with his place of employment, he did grant permission to quote him though.

Quantum Amulets- nice showing