Sunday, July 4, 2010

Caring for your Quantum Crystal Radio Amulet

How do I care for my beta blocker amulet?

The most important aspect is: be attentive what you do with it. I have seen some
people wear an amulet for months and it looks like new.
The secret here really is: care for it...and it will continue to shine.

Here are some hints that can help with that:
- Don't wear your amulet into the shower or go swimming with it as they are not water-proof, in other words. Do not immerse it in liquids in general. It just won't look as nice, even as the components still work.
- If you expose the crystals to hard or scratchy materials, they will eventually become scratched. Consciously placing the amulet on its special spot after use will
work better in that regard than casually throwing it into your jewelry container or onto a night table.
- You can clean off fingerprints or body oils with a jewelry cloth or, easy to obtain, an eyeglass or camera lens cleaning cloth. You can clean the silver bezels with a jewelry cloth. Remember, depending on your skin, sooner or later, all silver will tarnish.

For reassurance, should an accident happen, you can send your amulet
back to the Brane-Power company for repair. They are very good about that.

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  1. Hi
    I'm am in LOVE with my amulet, thanks for posting this information on how to care for our amulets. How would one go about testing the amulet. What device would one buy? Thanks Chris-Tina