Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crystal Quantum Radio Amulets

CQR - AMULETS from Brane-Power

Let your intuition guide you in which amulet is for you.

Here you will see almost all the available Crystal Quantum Amulets from Brane-Power's
If you are reading this, you are inexplicably drawn to  these beautiful amulets, and  if you keep thinking about getting one - they are most likely meant to aid you in your process.
They are functional crystal radio circuits, working on a very subtle level to induce alpha, delta and theta brain wave states, inducing states usually attained in meditation. These amulets are also called "beta-blockers" for their observed decrease in beta brain wave states. This opens doors you could not imagine.

Black Diode

Double Black

El Brujo

Circle of Peace

Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter Deluxe

Love Power


Pocket Protector


Quantum Coil

Quantum Spider

Quantum Witch

Quantum Wizard

Quantum Tesla


Smart Pill


Tantric Star

Twin Turbo

The Classic

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