Saturday, August 7, 2010

Advanced Beacon Training - Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions

Brand new: Advanced Beacon Training is launched - are you ready?

The Manual is back from the printer, and Your Parallel Worlds DayTripper excursions can begin! This is Beacon Level 12 - or The Advanced Beacon Training we have been waiting for. It is a very powerful training and a natural continuation of the preceding Beacon Training Practice. The daily start up procedure for the Parallel Worlds Daytripper Excursions  is short but extremely powerful.

The Book Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions is the Manual and is a must for Advanced Beacon Training. It is the outline of the procedure and  gives very specific instructions. The training itself is free, except for a few required,  non-optional items, some of which are consumables, some one-time investments. E.J. Gold recommends you read the manual first before deciding to get the kit.
The DayTripper Excursions are Advanced Beacon Training or Beacon training Level 12, to be done after you completed Beacon Levels 1 through 11.  Rather then developing the Advanced Training as a one on one Training for which you have to travel to California, E.J. Gold designed this training level so it can be done in your own home environment, which advantages explained in the book.
If you have completed at least Beacon Level 8, CONTACT  Brane-Power or call   530-271-2239 for your Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions kit.
Non-optional items for Code 1 Advanced Beacon Training are:

The Manual: Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions

Code 1 Advanced Beacon Training Essentials Kit
  • Code 1 Key Amuletic Badge
  • 32 Code 1 Infinity Wafers
  • Code 1 Magnetic Water
  • Inscribed Bamboo Stirring Rod
  • Laminated Crossover Card
  • Oil of Protection 
  • Infinity Wafer Charger
An Infinity Wafer Charger,  like the Beacon or Super Beacon, a non-optional item for the Day Tripper Excursions. We are mentioning it here because it is not specifically included in the list you will find in the DayTripper Excursion book. In addition to the Infinity Charger
  • You will also need to keep a  journal of some kind, hand written or electronic, 
  • and a clear drinking glass  
Code 1 Cleansing Fluid is to be used to prepare rod and cup for code 2. 
There are a couple of optional items which we talk about when you are ready or after you read the manual.
Please use this  CONTACT form to apply for the Advanced Beacon Training, or call 530-271-2239.

Just to clarify it again:  Code 1 Advanced Beacon Training, also referred to as Beacon Level 12, will  require the use of a Beacon or Superbeacon.
It supposes that you have done the Beacon Training Levels 1 (30 PUP inductions) and 2-11 and that you have access to on of the Beacon devices,  whether you own one or are using a friend's Beacon. So it is assumed that a Beacon or Superbeacon is available to you, because it will be needed.
"With the BeaconWork at your back, you are now able to actually apply these basic principles learned in the induction state to the experiences that are in store for you."

We recommend to get and read the book "Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions"  first and then decide if this is something you are inclined to or wish do do. You may ask for the manual  after completing level 8 of Beacon Training.
If the answer is "yes" to Advanced Beacon Training, you send for the non-optional items needed for code 1 Advanced Level Beacon Training, in addition to, of course, a Beacon or Superbeacon.
Cost for this Code 1 Advanced Beacon Training Essentials Kit is: $  - way less than you would think!

If you have read the manual, you can only be turned on by this given any interest in such things as Parallel World explorations, voyaging,  perceiving and managing reality shifts, shapeshifting, subtle and not so subtle changes within you as well as your surroundings and macro dimensional perceptions.
Life Stream changes don't just happen. They are made. If you remain as you have always been, you will surely reap what you have always gotten. Real change does not come from outside, but from within. The Advanced Training Course is designed to bring about change from within, which can result in powerful Life Stream change .... From the Introduction by E.J. Gold
Who may get this the Advanced Beacon Training Manual?: anyone who has completed level 8 Beacon Training may request the training manual as well as the Code 1 Advanced Beacon Training Essential Kit.

That's right, this is Advanced Beacon Training and you need to have completed the previous training levels.
This is why there is no shopping cart on this page but a contact form and a phone number.
CONTACT, or call 530-271-2239.

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