Monday, July 3, 2017

Pineal Pinger add-on to SuperBeacon - new from brane-power

Developed in March/April by E.J Gold this year, it is available now  

The Pineal Pinger add-on to the Superbeacon.

Where do you want to go, how far do you want to go in the higher realms of consciousness.?
Pings the Pineal gland in ramdom intervals (you can't anticipate the ping),  powered by cosmic radio waves.
Plug it in, and its on, works for the entire house. You may not want to have it on all the time and have your pineal pinged.   You unplug it if you don't want to have it pinged all the time.
For those indoors or unable to set up an antenna, this is gonna work.

Here is A's testimonial when he tried the Pineal Pinger.

I'd like both the Pineal Pinger and Overthruster, and would love to take that Pineal Pinger away with me if it is available! I was totally astonished by the Pineal Pinger. It seems like an incredibly valuable tool
Here is a write-up of my experience, which I will post on Facebook:

I tested the Pineal Pinger superbeacon add-on today. It was totally amazing. I unplugged it several times to compare it to the standard superbeacon set-up and there was a remarkable difference in sensation and effect. When the Pineal Pinger was plugged in there seemed to be a subtle humming sound. At first I thought that a speaker in the barn might have been making the humming noise, but when I unplugged the Pineal Pinger, the sound stopped. The most noticeable effect was a definite and clear pulsing in the pineal area, as though someone was tapping my forehead. It seemed kind of like a clock ticking within my skull. Amazing stuff and great fun. A.

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